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  1. I know it's been a while since I started this topic, but I forget I started it. So, just letting you guys know I tried it, and it made me break out even more I found something called flavay, I started a post about it, it works for me.
  2. Hello all, I've been a member here for years. I haven't posted in a long time, but I come here at least twice a week to read the message boards. I decided that I needed to post here to share something that has been working for me, I felt it would be selfish of me to not share, when it could possibly help someone else. Some months ago I came across Flavay on the internet, I read some reviews and decided I wanted to try it. http://www.flavay.com/ I got Flavay and Flavay Plus, a two months sup
  3. Nope,it did not work for me.Although I did like their sulfur mask,or whatever it is called.
  4. No,she doesn't have a sunscreen,that was a seperate question.I just wanted to know what sunscreen is good or at least ok to use. And here is the link to her website http://www.patriciawexlermd.com/main/brows...ct.regimen.acne
  5. Ok,so I have read about these Patrcia Wexler products,and I am interested. Her products are available at Bath&Body Works. But I am soooooooooooo skeptical of everything,and I am giving up hope that I'll have clear skin:( I read reviews on the internet and a large mjority are good.But like I said I am skeptical about everything. Has anyone tried it,or at least heard of it? If you have what do you think? And also,what is a good sunscreen to use ? Thanks guys.
  6. Well,honestly I don't know what to say.From everything I read,I think he likes you.But I know how frustrating it can be. Like the guy I mentioned before,well,we used to see each other sometimes last year,and this year,you know to say hi or whatever,and I still really like him,anyways,one day last year,I got the nerve to call him.Well,actually I kept calling and hanging up on the first ring.Then he called my number back(I seriously thought caller I.D didn't pick up the number until the second ri
  7. Bermuda,where I'm from,and still living,I wouldn't want to live anywhere else permanently. I mean I'm always talking about getting off this damn island.And complaining that it's nothing to do,and it's too small(21 sq miles)But I love it,it doesn't really feel that small if that's all you've ever known.I've been to many states in the U.S and different islands,but there's no place like home
  8. i did ask him y u soooooooo mean and he just changed the subject completely and i was like dont change the subject and hes like oh im sorry darlin..... its like he dont want to talk about it....Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. Umm,I know what you mean. You're in uni so you think that if he liked you he would show it more,umm,in a mature manner. But thiink back to elementary school.You know how a boy would pull your hair or be a little mean to you,it meant that he liked you. From what you're describing I personally think that he likes you.I've been in that situation before,although it was back in early high school So,I'll tell you what did,but remember I was 14,so results aren't guaranteed We were basically li
  10. The dumbest thing I ever did was when I first started to get acne. I put rubbing alcohol on my face,I would soak cotton in it then put it on my face and when it would dry up,I would do it again and again.....................the result a HUGE RED scab the took FOREVER to drop off,but then afterwards left me with a red mark on the side of my mouth,it's the size of a freaking quarter and it's there to stay,oh,I wish I knew then that alcohol is not your friend
  11. I understand what you mean. Sometimes I'll get a compliment that I'm pretty or beautiful. And I just don't get it.I'll think that they're just trying to be nice,or that they really can't see my face properly..................
  12. Been so long since I've posted,and this thread is so long I don't know if I already commented here,I don't think I have though....... When I first started to get acne my sis would say some typical things,like if we were arguing she would call me pizza face,or sometimes she would ask,"Is the reason you don't go out is 'cause your face looks like that?" I really haven't had people say things directly to me,but I've heard some people say things,like once a few years ago when I was still in schoo
  13. I've only used the pads,when I first started breaking out.And they burned my face,which left a scab,that fell off but left a red mark on my face,which is still here,6 years later. Not trying to scare you or anything,but that's my experience with the oxy pads.