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  1. It's been almost a month since my last entry. Unfortunately, my skin has gone worse. It has been incredibly frustrating to be in this position and I am seriously starting to get a little bit depressed. not too serious. But serious enough that I would avoid seeing anyone else but my boyfriend. It doesn't help that my family (mum especially) scrutinizes my face every single day. I remember one day we were at the dining table and for a good 20 minutes, we talked about my acne. I am on oral med
  2. Hi everyone, So at the moment I have moderate acne happening on my skin. I am in between cleansing products before the toner I used before (BodyShop SeaWeed Toner) is too strong for me that it burns and stings when applying it. As we speak, I am feeling stinging (on the sides of my cheeks) and warmth on my face. Not much presence of redness though. I don't know what to do I wanna wash my face or something. This has been happening for two days now. Can anyone help?
  3. Hi Everyone, So my issues on acne currently has led me to this page and thus led me to this. Blogging.. Acne has damaged my self-esteem and my life intermittently most of my life. And it is quite rewarding to see that I am not alone - there are others who go through what I go through. Just a background of my acne: I started getting acne since I was 11-12. It wasn't that bad then. My acne is hereditary unfortunately. But when I turned 14 the battle started. I would get moderate acne o