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  1. Did you increase the amount of BP you are using, even a little bit? That could explain new dryness. I notice you aren't using any other moisturizer besides the AHA+. AHA+ is great, but it can actually increase flaking for the first few months you use it because it loosens dry skin, and a new BP user has lots of dry skin from adapting to the regimen. I think you should consider adding in a normal moisturizer into your routine to improve the flaking. Ideally, you would use a normal moisturizer plu
  2. It's so hard to find a moisturizer that is both sufficiently hydrating for the regimen and non-comedogenic that if you've got something that is working for you, I personally would not waste money on an expensive tinted moisturizer. You might find that you need to use a lot of it to get the moisturization you need, which means you might end up looking like you're wearing more makeup than you intended and spending lots of $$$. For light makeup coverage, instead of trying to find a perfect tinted
  3. I'm on my 6th winter on the regimen now - it's totally doable! Lots of jojoba oil has helped immensely. I prefer to apply it after I wash my face before the BP as I think it's more effective at managing winter skin chapping than when mixed into a moisturizer. Feel free to reapply moisturizer throughout the day too as needed. When going outside in windy weather, it also helps to wrap part of your face with a scarf or muffler to block the wind.
  4. One thing that might help, if you wear contact lenses: put in the contacts after you've washed and dried your face but before you apply anything else. I've found that having contacts in protects my eyes and make them less sensitive to BP, AHA...even onion fumes So if you wear contacts but don't normally put them in until you're done with your face routine, try getting them in sooner and see if that helps. And if you wear glasses, well, I suppose you could try switching to contacts and see i
  5. I've been on and off birth control while on the regimen. Birth control didn't help my acne much, so there was no effect on my skin when I stopped using it after I had cleared up with the regimen. I would wait until your acne is well-controlled with the regimen before stopping birth control, so give it another month or two. You might break out when stopping (especially if you found that birth control was very helpful in reducing your acne), but the breakout will be much smaller and shorter-liv
  6. If your debit card has a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express logo on it, then it should work.
  7. You may have a benzoyl peroxide allergy. Stop using more BP on your face for now. Apply a small amount behind one of your ears every 12 hours and monitor that spot. If you have any swelling, redness, crusting, peeling, etc. on that spot, then you're probably allergic to BP and should find an alternative acne treatment. Good luck.
  8. Sometimes I wash my hands between jojoba oiling and BP, sometimes I don't. I tend not to when I only use a little bit of jojoba.
  9. The amount of BP you get from using Proactiv is quite a bit less than the amount of BP you get from using the full amount of the regimen (well, assuming you followed the Proactiv directions ). The Proactiv BP is also a bit more moisturizing than Dan's since it is in a lotion-like base, so if you used the same amount of Dan's as Proactiv, you might find Dan's more drying. You probably could be using a little more BP than the very small initial recommended amount, but I wouldn't jump ahead much
  10. Very very approximately, potentially a couple of weeks -- longer if you don't using enough BP to control new acne formation. If you're only using BP once a day, try using twice a day, but less BP than you were doing before, and work your way up to larger amounts as your face adjusts. Sounds like you probably need to be using more moisturizer too. No, not true as far as I know. Either you have acne bacteria deep in your pores already, or you don't. BP might not always be able to kill the
  11. Any cleanser with an active ingredient won't be very effective, especially compared with a leave-on formulation. Think about it: the salicylic acid in that cleanser is only on your skin for a very short time before it gets rinsed off. All it's doing is drying your skin out without helping your acne. I say ditch the medicated cleanser and switch to the gentlest cleanser you can get, preferably an unscented liquid, no scrubby bits, no SA, no BP, etc.
  12. Good question. Drugstore.com lists whether it thinks particular products are likely to be FSA eligible or not, so I checked there to get an idea. That site lists many OTC benzoyl peroxide products as likely to be FSA eligible, but AHA, jojoba oil, cleansers, and moisturizers are generally not FSA eligible, and shipping would not be. The final determination is up to your particular plan, so you should check with your benefits administrator. I think you could possibly use FSA funds for BP, but
  13. It's almost certainly the Neutrogena On-the-Spot that's the problem. Dan's BP is a gel that doesn't clump up like a cream like On-the-Spot does, and I think switching will fix the issue (not to mention the cost savings).