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  1. I've used it before on my face, I didn't like the yellow afterward. I may use it again if I can find something to get rid of the yellow.
  2. DesparateGirl



    Natural, protects skin Reduces Redness Moisturizes without breaking out can't wear in public; makes you look nasty oily This helps moisturize without breaking out. The oil that i have can not be blended well to be inconspicuous so I don't wear it out in public. Noticeable reduction in redness. ( livestrong. com/article/97593-almond-oil-benefits-skin/ ) Said to protect against UV and slow skin aging.
  3. I waxed part of my face and that part appeared to not have as many bumps. I'm not sure if this is a good thing to do- I don't know if waxing will help me.
  4. So I used it once again yesterday and today, I washed it off. My face was extremely dry. The results I get are as if I go a sunburn, however the redness does not stay long. It caused skin below my lip and above my chin to split and bleed. I used the mask a second time after coming home from school, however I avoided the area below my chin, and there was not any pain. It is working well. I also received some glam glow mask as a gift today, so I used that for spot treatment after the clay mask
  5. I started using this recently and I have had it dry out my skin and make me break out more, but I have a feeling that it is what you said- pulling out what is stuck beneath the skin. I have been using this almost everyday. I have noticed my pores are A LOT smaller! It dries out skin pretty bad, kind of embarrassing going to school with flaky skin, however I know this is good for me. I have a feeling if I keep using this everyday for a few weeks I'll see an improvement, since the pores are shrink
  6. Yes, today is the first time I learned about it as I was having a facial done, the lady used an ultrasound device on my face. However the facial was for my acne. I'm not sure if it will help my scars, since that is not why I had my facial. It would be nice if it helped both. I can't say whether or not it is effective. I am new to it.
  7. DesparateGirl

    Does Not Work

    Does Not Work

    waste of money if its antibiotic it will kill good bacteria too Does not work, can taste bad -acid reflux I prefer non-pharma ways to treat acne. Drugs didn't cause it, so drugs are not going to cure it for me.
  8. Cool, I think this is my problem with my acne. I'm trying to increase my intake of necessary vitamins.
  9. Wonderful!

    natural soothing prevents worsening of acne This feels good, and helps when I break out worse than my constant breakout.
  10. DesparateGirl

    My Acne and Scars

    My Acne and Scars, I have noticed that the nature of my acne is different. It is beneath the skin small, clogging almost every pore, not isolated. My cheeks become flushed red sometimes and I have been asked if I was sick because of the inflammation redness of my acne. Though my acne is not as noticeable at a distance, I have severe scarring, a lot of damage has been done. I want to prevent further damage and heal the damage that has been done. Some advice from people who have healed their scars