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    Dancing (salsa) , so i love parties...this is a teenage interest carried across even today, Music (a nerd for this) and ofcourse Movies...specially political drama. Blogging, new found interest. I always used to be great as a debater at school and college.
  1. Hi olive Yes so far i have fasted for a cumilative of about 34 days ...distributed over 10/12 days every time. But Although i achieved good amount of wight loss and maintaing a healthy weight now...am still facing some severe side effects. The worst is the under eye dark circles and wrinkles. My face looks saggy i look much older than my age... and even worse is my hair fall. I feel like crying i had soo much hair ...i have lost thousands of hairs!! in lumps of strands..i lose hair even if i
  2. Hey Stop fasting! I have done fasting so many times and i will list its side effects 1. The loss of protiens in the body causes severe hair loss after few days 2. Your bodys immune system deteriorates fast 3. Your skin although becomes glowing during first few days will begin to loose its lustre and it will become saggy(its happened to me i can send you pictures if you dont believe) 4. Your metabolic rate drops, so does your healing capacity. B complex vitamins are fundamental to healing and
  3. Pimples between eyebrows...clear up without leaving any scars! Mine did ...even after i picked it!
  4. I pray to god that he gives acne to everybody in this world,,,,atleast once in thier lifetime! I had problems with my family too, specially my granny! a tyranny! She would always keep telling me what to do and what not to do! with my acne filled face. well heck!! i was doing everything i cud and people fail ed to realise you cant do much about preventing acne. They just come! Even if you are on a perffect diet. And than one bad day...i shouted at her(i shudnt have)but i dont regret. Letting
  5. HI all Does anyone know whats the best concealer to use for normal/oily skin types. I have been using a concealer lately that has caused so many flare ups. I am so upset about this! Please help Thanks Sneha
  6. Am in same boat am 23 and i used to have acne problem during early teen age. And today i still have some scars left from it! Although i can cover it up with make up...most concealers have caused me problems!! Guys make up causes more clogged pores and more acne!! I dont really know whats the proper concealer type for my skin....if anybody does please let me know. I'd really appreciate you help Some pimple scars do subside, some stay forever! I dont mean to discourage you...but thats whats been