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  1. ginkgotree

    Day 16

    Day 7: My skin began to feel extremely dry Day 9: Cetaphil moisturizer burns upon application, though I continue to use more as my face is incredibly dry and peeling. Day 11 While I was on a 9hr international flight, my skin began to itch terribly and after I washed my face what looked like another staph infection (yellowish crust) began to cover my entire jaw/wherever I had broken skin. Day 12 I return to the doctors, as my face is still itching and covered in puss filled yellow
  2. ginkgotree

    Road to Recovery

    Documenting my skin's healing progress after a severe bacterial skin infection.
  3. ginkgotree

    Day 1

    Today, I begin the road to recovery after completely ravaging my skin with: bad cosmetics (not washing them off, using bacteria laden brushes..), poor diet (fatty french foods), stress (traveler's lifestyle), touching/picking to the point of infection, and au naturale self treatments (including: oatmeal, honey, oil of oregano, zinc, omega 3, probiotics etc, etc!..) After finally breaking down and visiting the doctor, I was diagnosed with a severe staph infection in the form of impetigo..I ju