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  1. if you have an allergy to for a food , you react to the protein in that particular food, not the fat. and since fish oil capsules are fat, you won't get an allergic reaction to it
  2. I would say almond-, hazelnut- or quinoa drink are the best milk replacements. I would avoid rice milk, since it is to high in sugar and soy milk because there's isn't anything healthy about it if consumed daily.
  3. Meal 1: lemonjuice with water, 3 chlorella tablets, 2 or 3 pieces of fruit, protein shake Meal 2: potatoes with vegetables, 3 omega 3 capsules, 3 chlorella tablets, protein shake or 150grams of chicken Meal 3: brown rice or potatoes with vegetables, 3 chlorella tablets, protein shake Meal 4: Fruitjuice and fruit, 3 chlorella tablets In between sometimes I snack some dried fruits or another healthy snack. No sugar though
  4. I had that too when my acne was worse, even when your skin is (almost) clear, you have developed this automatism to not look people in the eyes but after a while it's gonna go away
  5. not only brazilian women have beautiful skin, every nation has his people with beautiful and bad skin, not particular brazil
  6. Exclude wheat, sugar, legumes, soy, red meat and nuts from your diet. You'll see dramatic improvement.......I hope. Worked for me, mabye for you to Maybe you break out from dairy products if not yoghurt is the best kind of dairy you can take, well except for kefir
  7. Since I quit eating wholemeal bread and wheat in general, my skin isn't so oily anymore.....
  8. I break out when I eat to much apples. I'm probably allergic to it
  9. do not apply it to close around your eyes. Pay attention to not put any amount on your eyebrows
  10. I also have a very itchy feeling when I eat nuts. I don't eat them anymore. Highly probable I'm allergic to it