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  1. Thanks for the reply I am mainly just wondering about the best treatments for pih as I've had it for an eternity I don't get active acne very much now that I'm older but I will consider using that never heard of it before thanks again.
  2. mtm92

    my pih red mark pics :(

    Hi I'm mark I've had these marks for 2 years now and they don't go away :l I'm using cetaphil cleanser a bp treatment ( for active pimples on my chin) and dans aha on my cheeks where the pih is I've only used the aha for a few a week now but no improvement ive done 2 50% lactic peels they didn't help either I ordered some glycolic acid hopefully it helps :/ this blows
  3. Hi I'm mark I've had acne since middle school and recently I have been more concerned with my skin because it really messes with my confidence so ive started using different treatments. Right now my routine is to wash with cetaphil cleanser twice a day I will apply a bp product on my few active pimples on my chin and then use dans aha on my cheeks where the pih is which so far hasn't been much help. My biggest concern is just for the pih i have been stuck with these spots for atleast a couple y