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  1. my face has been peeling a lot lately too. i've been using cetaphil's daily advance ultra hydrating lotion every morning and night. I sometimes have to apply around mouth, chin and cheeks in the afternoon if it is really bad. I also use a hydrating serum at night in addition to the moisturizer at night. I notice that the peeling is worse if I don't stay hydrated during the day so I make sure to drink a lot of water as well! Hope this helps...
  2. I haven't had a painful cyst or whitehead in over 1 month!! Definitely took me a full 5 months to clear. I still get small noninflamed pimples, which don't bother me too much. Maybe one a week or every other week. Red marks are SLOWLY lightening. I started using Elta MD UV clear spf with niacinamide in it, which supposedly helps to decrease redness and irritation. It is a good sunscreen that has not broken me out. My derm said sunscreen is important to prevent the hyperpigmentation from worsenin
  3. i love the first aid beauty face wash too!
  4. Just wanted to let you know that I'm on Day 127 & getting frustrated that it is taking so long too. The derm wants me to stay on the accutane until I have a breakout free month. Hope things continue to get better for you!
  5. lilem13

    Day 127...month 5.

    I haven't posted for a while because not much has changed. I switched to Absorica a little over a month ago and noticed a little bit more joint discomfort and some dryer skin/lips. I continue to break out pretty consistently. They are still spots under the skin that turn into inflammed, painful whiteheads. Pretty rare that I get a cyst. I do get some smaller whiteheads that go away pretty fast. The hyperpigmentation is just awful. My derm still thinks i'm having too much activity for this late i
  6. Again I'm in the same boat. Had cortisone injections last week. Also feel that my acne is way worse on accutane. You're right - what's another month!
  7. lilem13

    Not Absorbing?

    I saw my derm this morning and she suspects i'm not absorbing the accutane well. She said I should be more red, dry and definitely noticing a decrease in breaking out at this point. She is switching me to the brand absorica, which can be taken without regards to meals. She said I should see changes within 10 days. Sounds like i'll be on it for another 3 months, which sucks. Anyway will post next week if anything exciting happens.
  8. lilem13

    Day 79. Week 11-12

    thanks for the note. i know it will work in the end...i'm just impatient .
  9. lilem13

    Day 79. Week 11-12

    Not much new to report. Have 11 days left in month 3. Still breaking out. Will have a few good days where I don't break out, followed by a few bad days. Have a lot of under the skin bumps that will likely turn into pimples in the next few weeks. Side effects are pretty minimal thankfully. See my derm on Thursday. Not sure if i'll be increased from 60 to 80 mg. Still waiting for that miracle that everyone talks about...
  10. lilem13

    Day 52 (Week 8)

    Not much new to report. Stilllllll breaking out. Nose is covered in what looks like whiteheads, it is gross. Have 8 more days until I start the 3rd month and increase from 40 mg to 60 mg. Chest breakouts are clear already thankfully. Face is noticeable more red, flush pretty easily and acne scars/hyperpigmentation are very apparent. Also still super dry and flaky. Other than face looking rough, feeling ok. Happy holidays & new year everyone! Hoping 2014 brings clear skin to all of us accutan
  11. Sounds like we are in the same boat. I'm still breaking out and have red marks from pretty much every breakout I've had on accutane. I have 8 days until the 3rd month and I'm really hoping we both clear in that month! Also let me know about moisture surge. I cannot wear makeup because of the dry skin! Happy holidays!
  12. Stopping in to say glad things are going ok for you so far and thanks for your support!! I pretty much apply either carmex, aquaphor or vaseline close to every hour & that really helps keep the chapping to a minimum. Also hopefully the headache will go away soon - mine was off & on for about 2 weeks. As for makeup, there is no hope for my flaky skin. I'll message you about the serum & moisturizer.
  13. Glad to hear accutane worked for you! I'm trying to get through the first 2 months - you are right, they are terrible!!!
  14. lilem13

    Day 44 (Week 7)

    Saw Derm today (early due to the holidays). Will be increasing my dose to 60 mg for the third month. Now I'm scared about another flare! At least I'm nearing the 3rd month so hopefully things are calm. I'm continuing to break out. Have about 2-4 actives at any given time. Still getting about a cyst/week. Today I also noticed that my chest is breaking out! I haven't had acne there ever. Is this normal? Tried to get some makeup but unfortunately too dry & flaky. Ended up getting talked
  15. Thanks youngforever & LoveLouisV for the tips. Tried to get makeup today but unfortunately too dry & flaky. Instead ended up with a serum & new redness reducing moisturizer. Looks like I won't be hiding anything!