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  1. Dilute, dilute dilute it!!!

    Uh..it's awesome Creates a sterile environment on skin Over time smooths skin Dries skin out if you use it improperly After I wash with (undisclosed product) I fill a glass bowl with Luke warm water (about 2 cups of filtered water) and add only 4 drops to the water. I use a muslin cloth and gently wipe my face to disinfect so I can then put on an occlusive moisturizer (sheabutter) after my face has dried. you see, the reason some break out using moisturizers with a comedogenic scale of ZERO, is

    Super hydrating Big shot of vitamin c Good for skin and body Drink it with a STRAW Wait 20 mins before brushing Can wear enamel away unless you do the above things. In Japan, the women get up, and drink a HUGE glass of hot water and 1/2 a lemon. You've been asleep 8 hours. Would you go eight hours in the daytime without drinking water? Probably not on purpose. Hydrate as soon as you get up, flush your kidneys and wake your system up with this hot water and lemon HABIT-and I mean seven days a w
  3. Shelliteshite


    The woman in my mid 30s who had always had very good skin until about 30. I have tried everything it started with Clinique and proactive and Dermalogica then Bocia, Avene, la Roche, dove, simple, spectro, Aleppo soap and on and on and on. I've discovered the awful truth about moisturizer. And that is, once you start using it it changes the way that your skin produces see them forever. A Swedish scientist recently discovered that using moisturizer actually makes your skin worse: http://www.
  4. Purging is a myth. Google it, you'll find enough dermatologists who have remarked on this foolish notion. If your skin sucks change your diet. It's that simple. *duh*
  5. Y'ar she blows

    not slimy feeling Irritating SLS Gross scent This made my face itch and has SLS. Thank goodness I only bought the travel size
  6. here is my review and some others http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp?itemid=93402&skintonetype=5&AgeRange=0