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  1. Q. What's the definition of a Kiwi virgin? A. An ugly first grader / /
  2. Aussies like the Brits...particularly the Scots. We also like the Irish (not that I am saying they are British). We have a friendly rivalry with the English...we like them but we reckon they are a bit peculiar...they drink too much tea and can be annoyingly negative (whingeing Poms). Overwhelmingly Aussies like Brits but would not want to live there, they love to visit but see Britain as bleak and rainy, that's more a criticism of the climate than the people though. When the English come
  3. Why should a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels have any power over any person in any country?
  4. In Australia the word "yank" is used because it is rhyming slang with "septic tank"...another variation is "seppo". Basically it means that Americans are full of shit. Dont shoot the messenger, I love Americans.
  5. Yep it was PanOxyl. I've certainly stopped for now, I don't know if I should go back on in a week or so!!
  6. I went to work today and everyone was shocked at my face. I've been using 5% BP for about 2 weeks and it has cleared up my face and my pores look smaller but now my skin is all red and flakey and I got real big puffy black eyes. I went into a chemist and saw this woman who is also a beautician/skin specialist and I told her I'd been on BP for a few weeks and she was shocked, she said all the chemicals had BURNT my skin and was so stunned she gave me all these free things to put on urgently,
  7. Thanks Dan, youre the man. Love your work. =D>
  8. I have noted definite improvement after being on the regimen for a week, I have been using 5% BP because I bought a tube of it a while back and dont want to waste it. I'll be switching to 2.5 soon though. I have these lines under my eyes, not bags but they run from the corner of my eye in a circular motion down to the outside of my cheeks. One of these lines has just about vanished over the past week, which is probably a positive, (very unexpected too) but the other side has become dark a