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  1. Spearmint tea helps me, but putting mint leaves in my water and drinking it throughout the day has been the biggest help for my skin
  2. It depends on your body I guess. Certain foods break people out for difference reasons. Experiment with it and see if you experience a breakout. I've never heard of peaches specifically causing acne though. For some reason pineapple gives me horrible itchy cystic acne, so yes diet can cause acne
  3. Maca root caused me to breakout when I took it so it could definitely be that
  4. I've been on it for 8 months, and while it definitely helped, my skin is nowhere near clear. That doesn't mean it won't work for you though. If you have more mild acne it would probably work
  5. I have been on ortho tri cyclen for 7 months now, and while my skin has definitely improved, it's still not clear. The first 2 weeks of pills I break out a little(so much better than before) and with the 3rd week and the placebos I'm pretty much clear. Should I switch to ortho cyclen? I'm thinking maybe that would be better for me. Thanks
  6. I love using honey on my face. I make a mask and put tea tree oil in it and it helps. I don't think this will stop your acne from forming but it definitely helps calm the ones you do have a lot. I have put cinnamon in it too and I'm not sure if it made much of a difference
  7. Oil cleansing could be causing you to break out. I've tried several different oils over a 7 month period and I finally gave up. My skins a lot better now. Also I've found that using a raw honey mask with tea tree oil helps alot
  8. I've tried several different kinds of oil and did ocm for over 6 months and I always felt like it clogged my pores. My skin tone looked good but I always had small bumps under the skin. I think it just doesn't work for everyone
  9. Does she eat gluten? Gluten, corn or other grains can sometimes cause acne. It's best to eliminate it totally for at least 3 months. Also diluted tea tree oil helps a lot without irritation
  10. I definitely notice my skin looks better when I work out, not instantly but it helps a lot. It's probably because you're sweating out toxins
  11. In my experience it takes 2-3 months of not eating gluten to see a big difference. Good luck :)
  12. Don't go on birth control. Start out with zinc and vitamin d. Omega 3s also seem to help hormonal acne so you can take fish oil or cod liver oil
  13. I agree with this. The Magnesium, and the having fun. Take magnesium in the evening it will help you sleep. Laughter & physical activity is extremely important. Also, don't hide from daylight as I hear a lot of people saying they do. Bright light exposure in the daytime is also important. Indoor lighting is not enough. And again, no one sees all the flaws you see. Yes definitely in the evening, it makes me tired and I sleep great
  14. Having such a negative attitude effects many areas of your life and health. Life is not that bad, your friends and family I'm sure would make time for you if you asked. And not everyone is so shallow. You could also end up with someone who had/has acne. I've felt like this before, but do NOT let yourself stay in this mindset, it does nothing for you. Acne is the worst thing in my life, but I still go out and have fun. Also, I highly suggest taking magnesium. I have an anxiety disorder and its re