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  1. Yes. Pop it with a needle first
  2. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TROLL These vitamin D3 posts are just shills to make you buy more of their products... These supplements are very expensive and they dont help.
  3. Do not fall for these acne.org product shills. They try to reccomend you crap like expensive D3, zinc whatever, so you buy more of it and they make more money.
  4. Pls tell me what he said. Going to see mine in november
  5. Are you me? You literally described my last 8 years. Except for the antibiotics and accutane. Was too scared to try antibiotics since they tend help for a while but after you're finished taking them acne comes back and worse. The accutane was good for 1.5 years. Then it came back + removed skin's ability to heal. So except the acne I also now have scars. But I'd still say go for the accutane. If your body can't give you clear hint what's wrong, it's fault of your body. 'Take a revenge.'
  6. So, 2 years after accutane I have no/little acne. But the inflammation has been horrible last 2 weeks. A clear spot on face turns overnight into a huge red swollen bump, that has NO head. NOTHING to pop. It's like not even acne, just inflammed skin. My face is not the only place where I have inflammation problem. Gums, feet, etc. I also sweat like a pig. Anything to find out why my body reacts to everything with inflammation? Please dont recommend any stupid creams, cream magically won't tell
  7. I'm not sure about the reliability of the home tests. There's normally just a few percent change someone with celiac disease will come back negative. Do you happen to know what kind you got? There are a few different antibodies tests. Were you eating food with gluten in it at that time of the test or were you on a gluten free diet? If you were eating a diet with gluten in it at the time of the test, there's usually just a small (less than 10%) margin of error. So your cheeks were fine before th
  8. Have you tried a low-carb diet? As LeadingForce said, carbs cause inflammation. Have you had a blood test to determine your iron levels? From the feeling tired and the cold hands and feet, it sounds to me like you might be anemic (iron deficiency). Since you also seem to have stunted growth and an inability to gain weight, have you looked into celiac disease? Quite a few of your sympoms fit the bill. As for your acne, what products are you currently using? Hi, I have got my iron levels teste
  9. Hi! Have you tried giving up dairy ? Any diets ? I tried various diets....vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, paleo, fruitarian, dairy/sugar/gluten free, etc... They helped a little, but they definitely weren't a "cure". After all the experiementing with different diets, the only thing I noticed that makes a marked difference is sugar. Giving it up doesn't cure things per se, but it helps a lot. Eating lots of it in one sitting (damn you "day after Halloween" candy sale!) gives me many many many
  10. Hi, I'm 22, Male. I've had cystic acne for 7 years now and its getting worse. I ONLY get acne on my cheeks, absolutely nowhere else on my body. 100% of my acne is on my cheeks. Accutane did not work that much. It only reduced the size of pimples and it actually made red blemishes not go away by their own and my cheeks now leave scar after every single little spot. 2 important things I'd like you to help me with: INFLAMMATION: A small spot that would not be visible in ~3 days gets