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  1. I've been clearing up with great success thanks to oral antibiotics and BP. I had a little bit of acne left though and I wanted to get rid of it quick (STUPID IDEA!). But anyways, my mom got me some of this Noxzema face wash stuff. I started using it and the next day I got wierd looking red rash looking place on my neck and chin areas. For some reason, I kept using this face wash (ANOTHER STUPID IDEA!). Well it's been about two weeks and my face looks pretty bad. But the thing is, i
  2. Here's what I've been doing............. I'll wash my hair and everything with warm water in the shower. But, then I turn it down where the water is slightly cold to rinse off my face. My redness has went down a little bit since doing this and I haven't broken out at all yet. Any thoughts? I should note that I don't use anything to cleanse my face. I haven't posted in a while, but now I use moisturizer when I get out of the shower and BP for spot treatment. That's all I put on my fac
  3. Hey Dan, I started the regimen and stayed on it for about two weeks, but I used a ton of BP on my face and it became very red. I definately started out with too much BP. I've been off of the regimen for about 3 or 4 weeks now and I've just been using moisturizer to try to take the redness out. My question is, I would like to be on the regimen so I'll stop getting pimples, but will my face get red if I start it again. I'm going to start up slowly on the BP, which will prob
  4. For three weeks now........ I have used absolutely no BP. I haven't washed my face with any type of soap or cleansers. The wierd thing is, my face has cleared up dramatically and this is the best my face has looked in 4 years. I have two tiny pimples and that's it. The only thing that I do is take a shower every morning and before I go to bed and apply moisturizer every hour or so when I'm at home. My moisturizer is Suave (contains aloe) and it comes in a big squirt bottle. My redne
  5. Today, i noticed a big difference. It's like my face changed like this - :oops: lol. It's amazing how having less redness on my face allows me to actually look people in the eye for once instead of shying away from them. I'm hoping the moisturizer continues to repair my skin and make it healthier. I'll update again tomorrow night.
  6. Forgot to mention that I am also going to start drinking 8 glasses of water per day starting tonight. I'm hoping this will help the moisturizer work a little more effectively.
  7. Just an update............ I used the moisturizer a lot yesterday evening. I went to the bathroom at school after first period today and my face was less red than the same time on Monday. Tonight, my skin seems to be doing better and looks a lot softer and healthier than previous nights. I'll update on how my face look tomorrow night. I stopped all BP usage about 2 or 3 weeks ago to stop the redness and my face is doing better than when I used the BP. I think it dried my face out so ba
  8. My face is fine right before I go to school and at night, but during the day at school, it looks horrible. It's really red and dry looking. I don't understand this, but I did find some Suave Moisturizing Lotion that contains aloe today so I'm going to start using it at night and right before I go to school to see if this helps. This problem is really embarrassing because it makes my face look horrible. If anyone else has some tips for this type of problem, I would greatly appreciate it. Tha
  9. Aloe vera is basically a green looking gel substance that should be relatively easy for you to find. I will not guarantee to you that this will work, but it won't hurt anything. It is supposed to help with the healing of skin, so I figured it would be good for healing the redness. I don't think that it is a good idea to stop using everything, because you do need to clear your skin of all the bad things like bacteria, dirt, and oil. I guess it just requires finding the right soap and right
  10. My redness has gone down a little bit, but my face looks a little red still. Have you tried using some aloe vera? We had some laying around the house and I used it for a few days. Also, have you been breaking out since getting off the BP? I've been off for about 2 weeks as well and I'm having breakouts of tiny pimples. I think these tiny pimples may have been cause by the soap that I've been using on my face in the shower (Old Spice Scented Soap) so I may stop using it and use a differe
  11. I'm convinced that I'm allergic to BP. It clears up my acne like no other, but my face is bright red (looks like I have a bad sun burn all year round) all day long. I would rather have a few pimples here and there instead of a bright red face. My question to you is this................How can I stay clear without using BP? I've been washing my face off with soap every night in the shower, then using a Beta Hydroxy face wipe made by Johnson & Johnson. I also rinse my face off every morn
  12. I use a lot of BP right before I go to bed, but I do not use a moisturizer after the BP application. When I wake up and rinse the white flakes off of my face from the BP, my face has a red, sunburn-like appearance. Should I put some aloe moisturizer on after the BP dries at night? If I shouldn't what should I do to get rid of this redness? Thanks a lot for your help. :?:
  13. This is pretty much the basic regimen, except I changed it a bit in order to fit my schedule a little bit better. -MORNING- 1. Right when I wake up, I get in the shower. 2. I allow warm water to run onto my face for a minute or so and then lather up the soap and apply it to my face. 3. Let the lather soak in for a minute and then rinse it off. 4. Get out and splash cold water onto my face a few times. 5. Apply a very light coat of Benzoil Peroxide to the acne infected areas. -NIG