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  1. there was search button and from my content i could also select to see the latest posts from all the forums. i'll be damn if i can find something like this. i mean, all i want is to see the latest post from all the forums, like in that "recent topics" module in the right but not limited to 5 latest post but more. can you guys help me out? i'll not individually go thru all the forums just to see an interesting topic.
  2. for me brevoxyl (bp) does the trick. it may also help taking zinc,vit.C,vit.A,magnesium, and especially staying in light(lighted rooms) during the (whole) day, preferably doing easy physical activity. also staying away from heavy lifting. for cysts faster. but in my case whiteheads are the problem. yeah
  3. but the answer would be more reglementations over the food industry, not going millennia back in time. personally i can't wait to buy that in vitro meat. oh, if you're speaking about self-discovery and wisdom growth etc, i would point out that "going back to nature" i consider to be a bit of anti-humanity. i too fell in this trap a few years ago. this may come from being sick of human egoism/greed (because of this people are taking pictures like my avatar, or in a mountain, glacial or any non-
  4. i never searched or heard of silver nitrate. even so, the only plus in silver vs bp is that it seems more "natural". i see you have a lot *nature* in your post. i don't know how you people think about this, but i researched a bit of music language and quickly found out that the mind, and the universe is (what i call) "modular". not just music phrases but simple elements in the universe forming more complex ones.. all the way to forming life. the cow eats the grass, we eat the cow. (imagine peop
  5. i'm affraid the only pure effective part of this is the colloidal silver, which i heard is as good as bp, but with the side effect of permanently slowly making your skin blue/greyish with no chance of recovery ..in this life. this comes after many uses of it (from what i heard/read)
  6. ok, now what? i'm curious if you can put the acne problem on the shoulders of society (medical system, lack of research, polution, food industry, etc) where it really belongs, and live your life with what you are resposible for (your only responsibility is to ask doctors for help. if you're not a derm you're not defeated. those derms are.)
  7. i thought we were having the same issue, 'cause i have redness around the nose too (but also on my chin as well). but mine moves, its expanding/contracting, i think its removed almost completely from my chin, and the right side of my nose, but the left side is more tricky. the thing is in my case it doesn't get dry after a wash (on the contrary, if i don't wash with a bit of acidic component like apple cider vinegar i get very oily in that area), and in no case does it form crusts. in my case,
  8. if you're not more advanced into acne, it's hard for me to give advice. i would say put some aspirine in hot water to dissolve and put that on that area. that would be 1. maybe some toothpaste i heard could have some effect (2). make a concentrated tea of chamomile an use it there (3, a good advice). try apple cyder vineger + water and use locally (4). oh try green tea tea locally (5). search for some tea tree essential oil (6, not that effective imo but advertised). what i would do is put s
  9. unfortunately acne always gets worse as i age. i use bp 2x/day, and if i skip only one use (half a day) i immediately get 2-3whiteheadsor even a cyst lately. i would be curious if i were to stop bp or careful diet or vits&mineral, like in highschool or college, how would my acne be?
  10. today i feel like doing a vasectomy. if we were humans we would reseach, but without a spirit we are just apes who put their base on genes. and from this perspective, indeed not everyone should have children..
  11. nature, being of a lower order, has no notion of good and bad, beautiful and ugly. it's primitive. like you can't expect a rock to feel happy. we don't identify ourselves with our bodies (thus the term our ). we are a consciousness, which is proven to be the product of human society, not of nature ("we" are not natural.. lol ). this transcendence makes death feel nonsense. its natural for our bodies to die, yes, but the "spirit" has blurred borders. as you are a creation of all the thoughts a
  12. Well life is offensive. I just watched a nature document and there was a lion and its cub. The cub hurt its leg and couldn't move well anymore, then the mother lion inspected the leg and spend some time with the cub and then the mother lion abandoned the cub. The mother lion understood that the cub has no future anymore so it is useless to spend any more time tend the cub. Now that is beautiful, it's pure nature, how everything should be. It is unnatural to take care of the weak , sick and old p
  13. i'm wondering what will your next topic be. "How many days do you think you have before you'll commit suicide because of your acne?" .no, this is too long. "With your disgusting acne do you really think you're worthy to live?" we're getting there.. "Have you considered suicide as your acne treatment?" looking pretty good. hope i gave you some good topic ideas.
  14. thanks for noticing my alert. one would think medieval stuff like this belongs to the past.. nobody took it seriously when Putin said he wants to restore the Soviet Empire! i still want to believe that there is democracy in this world, and that politicians work in the service of the people. speculations like "could Russia ally with China against the European Union & USA" are mind boggling for me. like what does the russian and chinese people have to do with the war-games of some pricks? no
  15. Please go to the information section of acne.org, it lists that acne is indeed a genetic disease. Hormones just make the skin "oily" - they don't cause acne directly. What really makes acne happen is the way the pores clog from within (creating a plug). The average age of menstruation has not changed that much over 100 years in concerns for "whites" (african american girls are a different story) it is still around 12-14 years old - menstruating before age twelve is rare among caucasions. i re