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  1. Well, I don't know if I'm on the right track, because nothing so far has ever worked. I've given most of my diet changes and supplements at least 3 months, because I know hormonal changes are slow. When I went for acupuncture and got the herbs they recommended, they said that the one treatment plus the herbal teas would certainly show success. Ehhh...nope nothing nada. And I had such high hopes for the DIM and Vitex, but my cycle and acne are still a mess! I've been browsing this forum up and
  2. Hi everyone, I could really use your help... I've suffered from hormonal acne off and on for about 8 years now. The last 18 months constantly. I've tried everything I can think of by now and would love your opinions on what else I could try. I'd prefer keeping it fairly natural and avoid prescription medications though. Here's a brief hormonal history that might illustrate the problem: Because of my many problems with the pill, I've been totally off it for 18 months now. I've been on about
  3. Unfortunately I haven't found a fix yet, but DIM has helped a lot.
  4. I've done a lot of research and it tells me that if your spotting occurs in the few days before your period, it's caused by low progesterone or by a too-sudden drop in progesterone. Both my estrogen and progesterone are quite low and I'm still looking for a fix to my hormonal acne. Tried pretty much everything except for spiro and accutane.
  5. Get off the antibiotics, it's junk. And never worked for me either. It doesn't fix the problem. I don't understand why doctors keep prescribing stuff that's no more than a band-aid instead of trying to fix the underlying problem.
  6. Thanks for the tip, but I know it's hormonal. My cycles have been messed up for the past few months along with the acne and I've had this problem for years now and it has all been very clearly linked to cycle issues. I used to get pimples like clockwork before period and around time of ovulation. And whenever I've had cystic acne is when I've been off the birth control pill. And when I say "around the mouth" I mean on chin, jawline and upper lip. The typical hormonal acne area. Nothing on forehe
  7. Hi, I'm Wendy and 32 years old. I've suffered from hormonal acne off and on since 2007. I've read and done everything I could think of for my hormonal acne but with all I've tried, I haven't been able to conquer it. I feel like I've tried everything. I hope you guys can share some wisdom. I went off the pill (heavy dose) in January after 10 years on different pills. Had many issues with them. Wish I had never started! I had been off the pill once before and got cystic acne so bad I went scream