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  1. JustEffingCreate

    Scared As Hell

    Thank you so much jazzybean I'm so glad I read through these studies now because the results really put that tremendous fear of lifelong loss off my shoulders. Finally! IT WAS PRESSING ON MY PIMPLES AND IT WAS HURTING LIKE HELL!
  2. JustEffingCreate

    Scared As Hell

    Hey there guys I am a 15 year old boy, been fighting with acne since 13, but just at no avail. I've gone through most(probably all) prescription drugs and procedures out there so my current dermatologist told me it's time for isotretinoin. She told me to go get the blood tests done tomorrow and if all is good, I'm starting accutane. On the first moment I heard that word spewed out of her mouth, my heart pounced because I had researched accutane on the internet before and the side effects look j