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  1. Yeah, hehe... just pointing out another use of 'em... if you could draw an analogy from a flute to a face then maybe they do work! But I was just saying "I don't know... I use them for this." Sorry I couldn't be more help. Hey thats cool, thanks for takin the time to at least answer!!
  2. I'm ashamed to say that I've actually tried this. It didn't work for me, but maybe it will work for you. Make sure you put it on before bed, because it makes the area really shiny. It didnt work for you because you put it on before bed!!! The results of the preparation H are immediate and only last a couple of hours!!!
  3. Where do I get it? I never see it in stores. Is it bottled "vitamin b5" or something else? How much do I start out taking? I know you take a lot at first, and then take a little for "maintenance". Have you used vitamin B5? Did you break out at first? How long did the breakout last? and this is the most important question....DID IT SUCK UP ALL THE OIL? I HAVE OILY SKIN, BAD...THATS THE REASON I WANT TO START TAKING IT..... Help me out! Tell me everything you know!
  4. I've been using it for 2 years this october, with GREAT results. I just broke out all over my chin. Is my time up for the great results differin gave me? Or could it just be stress/change of the weather? I am usually very depressed int he summertime, could that be the cause of my breakout? Anyone use differin and have it stop working, tell me about it!
  5. Hey is it okay to use witch hazel while on differin? What does witch hazel do?
  6. I bought those schick power razors, where it sends little pulses through the razor to help you shave better. I havent gotten any zits on my chin ever since Ive been using differin, So, can a razor cause acne??????????????????????????????????????????
  7. some people take 100+ I just double checked its actually 50mg :}. But should I really take vitamin A? will it dry out my skin? I just want to improve my skin healing/quality some people take 100+ daily because they think its good, read up about it. Taking 100 or more is actually really bad for you. and Vitamin A never dried out my skin, it makes it look a lot healthier after taking it for a while. Only take 8,000 I.U's. (one pill) I usually take a multivitamin and the zinc in the morni
  8. i am taking vitamin e, a, c, and zinc, and since i started taking all of those, about...a year ago i'd say i have seen DRASTIC improvement on my skin. vitamins play a key role in protecting cells and all that good junk. ya know. but anyways to the person who started this post, i see your ''megadosing'' on vitamin a, dont do that, take one 8000 i.u. a night, taking too much could actually cause a reverse effect, causing acne. and your taking too much zinc too, if you have a bottle of 70 mg. z
  9. I use that to wash my hands before I wash my face, then i wash with cetaphil lol