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  1. I really appreciate any help and insight.
  2. Hmm, thank you for the response. I'm more so bothered by the redness than the pimples, but obviously pimples bother me. Your logs are amazing and your skin looks great. If my skin looks anything like yours by the time I'm done, I'd be an incredibly happy camper! I'm just not sure whether or not I should expect that. I also have dry lips now that I've started. Does anyone have advice about making this more tolerable?
  3. Hello acne.org. I'm new to taking accutane: I started about a month ago. I'm seventeen and have had acne for a few years; it's generally been moderate in its severity. I'm not really sure what to expect on a personal level, though I've done some research, so I thought I'd joining a board like this while taking it so I can hear the experiences of those who have already taken it or know about it more than myself. These are my questions. Have you ever taken accutane? How was your experienc