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  1. But I thought eczema is chronic - so it never goes away or will consistently pop up throughout your life? Is that the same case? Or is it just caused by accutane and once we're off of the drug it will go away? I don't want to be stuck with a different skin issue because I was trying to solve the initial one.
  2. Hi! I've never experienced a full out missed period but I have experienced very late periods. A couple of days late. :)
  3. I'm 10 weeks into my accutane treatment and my dermatologist just upped my dosage. But I just noticed these bumps on the back of my hand!! Wtf is this tell me it's not eczema ugh man Thats my left hand and those are cat scratches. But seriously has anyone else had this side effect? They weren't itchy until I read someone say they were itchy and now I think I'm just imagining it to be itchy. They're tiny and hardly noticeable. Thank you so much in advance for any replies I might receive
  4. The best decision I ever made

    HUGE SIGNIFICANT difference in appearance of acne after one use within HOURS Amazing scent All natural and gives you silky smooth skin Dries out skin, but find a good moisturizer and you're set! I created an account just to rave about how much this product has helped my skin. I've gone through so many products trying to help my skin. My whole seventeen years of life i've had somewhat clear skin, but this past year i became a pizza. A literal pizza, i probably had sauce dripping down my face an g