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    Reading, writing, rock/pop, movies, well the usual stuff really, I'm not that interesting.
  1. Thank you for this, this is very interesting to me as I have just been given vitamin D tablets after a blood test showed I was very low on it. I only take one a day, though, and I'm due to have another blood test in the new year to see if the dose was correct. I wasn't given them for acne, I was given them for light-headedness. I would absolutely love these vit D tablets to improve my skin, that would just be fantastic. I'm afraid to hope. I'm also a vegetarian (well, I'm technically a pescatari
  2. I don't want to hijack the thread, but I'm re-reading it as my skin has completely blown up the last few days, and I want to try going without foundation for a while to see if my skin, particularly my chin which is my problem area, improves at all. I have plans to go shopping tomorrow for Christmas bits with my family, and I really want to go out make-up free, but I never do it and I'm terrified. I think I will bottle it at the last minute and end up putting on my usual gunk. My chin is covered
  3. Well done, I would ditch foundation as it just makes me even more frustrated, but I have a history of being so embarrassed about my skin that I refused to go out unless I had some foundation to hide under. I still feel very self-conscious about my skin as I'm very shy anyway, so I'm not ready to quit makeup yet, despite how much I hate it. I think what you're doing is great, well done
  4. I may be somewhat biased, but I love most perfumes by Britney Spears. I have almost all of them because they smell so sweet and fruity. My favourite is Midnight Fantasy because it smells so yummy, but I also love Fantasy, Curious, Circus Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy. I really want Taylor Swift's because I tried it once and liked it. The ladybug perfume (by Marc Jacobs?) is soooo lovely but too expensive. I guess I like sweet/fruity scents.
  5. Thank you so much Calumma ! I will note them down as possibles to try. I purchased samples from two mineral companies, called Bare Skin Minerals and My Beautiful Earth. The first had mica, but I'm not sure how much, and the second was mice-free. The shades were perfect, but I'm still experiencing the tingling sensation, and my skin is really red! And I've got red bumps in places I never usually get acne. I'm guessing there may be ANOTHER ingredient that my skin dislikes; maybe zinc oxide?
  6. I will tell that to my skin, which decides to erupt in spots after I wear foundation! My doctor told me that cosmetics definitely cause acne. After all these years dealing with my skin, I believe him.
  7. Hi everyone. I just joined, although I've had acne for nearly 12 years so I don't know what took me so long! I have been using liquid foundation for many months, L'oreal True Match to be precise, but it causes me to break out in my most acne-prone area, my chin. I use it because I'm very, VERY fair, and most foundations make me look orange no matter how "fair" they promise the shade to be. True Match is the only foundation I've found that matches my Snow White skin. But, I don't want to erupt in