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  1. catherin


    This is the number one place to be, not even dermatologist could help me, i been on the regimen for 10 months and all i can say that Dan's BP is a miracle. Before i wouldn't even think about going out without make up, my acne was bad all over my face, after 9 years i'm clear, it takes patience, the regimen has to be followed as directed if not it will make it worst. Don't give up! You should start seeing results in a months but clear skin will take sometime, you just have to accommodate and foll
  2. catherin

    1st Day of Regimen

    I been struggling with acne for 8 years, so i did some research in a last hope and bumped in Acne.org from all the reviews i decided to give it a try since i have tried everything i have nothing to loose but a few bucks. I'm just feeling hopeful and willing to go through the whole process until i get the result i want. I hope i can see difference at the end.
  3. Acne.org Treatment is the best

    Cleared my acne When it dries is clear not white like others Doesn't smell bad Flakiness Itching/redness Drying Since 5th grade (2005) i started with acne on my forehead then on my nose then my chin then my cheeks and then it was out of control all over my face by the age of 17 i felt like nothing would work. I even thought about cutting my face, because it was a fustration everyday. I would look in the mirror and be disgusted about my face. On a last hope i went to youtube and found acne.org i
  4. After a month of starting the regimen im finally seeing progress!

    1. catherin

      When Should I Start Seeing Results?

      Thanks for the positive comments guys
    2. catherin

      When Should I Start Seeing Results?

      I think mirena is contributing too soo i already have an appointment to have it remove and continue with the regimen. Hope it works!
    3. I started December 3, 2013 and my acne has made a little improvement but im still breaking out, the BP is helping because the the acne i had is gone but i get new ones everyday so the improvement i make today is gone tomorrow, when should i stop breaking out? Help please! :/ BTW im a 19 year old female with Mirena IUD since August 2012 is mirena whats making me break out everyday? Or am I suppose to break out at the beginning of the regimen?
    4. catherin

      Skipping The Regimen

      I sometimes skip the bp but no longer than 12hours, i just pick back where i left, for example i do my regimen morning and night, sometimes i skip the morning if im not home, so at night i pick back and do my night routine. But try your best to do it as directed i have notice that it works best when you follow as directed. Good luck!!!
    5. My skin has made amazing improvement over the 1st week on the regimen, im so happy with the progress it has made on my skin, it looks like the 1st month will be clear!!!

      1. Bp can be extra drying and the moisturizer that i'm using is not working how it should be, my skin is very dry after bp has dried out and its very itching, help! what other moisturizer can i use?
      2. I been experiencing very bad headaches lately and it happens when i apply bp i dont know if im wrong blaming bp, but i never had these bad headaches before, has this happen to anyone?
      3. catherin

        Bp And Itchy Face

        My skin was very oily before the BP now is a little dry. I'll just have to learn to deal with it :/
      4. catherin

        Bp And Itchy Face

        I been on dan's bp for 3 days and my face is itching like crazy, im not experiencing flakking or redness. Is it suppose to itch at first?
      5. catherin

        The Treatment

        Hi everyone! I just oredered Dan's BP, but i only ordered the treatment and i'm planning to make my own set. I want to use this set it the same order: cetaphil cleanser, Dan's BP, cethaphil moisturizer? Can you guys help! I want to know if it will work the same as if the whole regimen?
      6. catherin

        Beyaz Birth Control Log

        My acne only got worse and worse while I had the Mirena IUD in. By the third year, my acne was reaching all the way down my neck. It was so terrible. I had cysts all along my jawline.Anyway, I think it's a good idea to get it taken out. Be sure to get right back on a birth control that has estrogen in it! Don't get pregnant if you don't want to!! Ask for a combination pill that is monophasic. That will help to keep your hormones nice and regulated. Did you have acne at all before your Mirena?