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  1. i nid 2 noe where can i get the cheapest accutane in singapore... how much izzit goin2 cost per month n where can i get it
  2. halo guyz... firstly i wanna wish every one a happy 2004... wow... i din noe this thread would reappear after i cam back here 3 months later.. to introduce myself.. i had acne really bad last yr during june... it grew so bad toward august tt i feel so shit abt myslef.i had big n painful cysts covering almost every area of my cheeks... it was so obvious tt even my teacher ask wad had happened 2 my face..!! i kip dco hop n finally i found tis home cilnet at bugis. the doctor gave mi retain a(+ve)
  3. qian... i been using retin a.. it was working damn great... preventing new pimple forming up to 99%. however i dun tink it works well 4 scar n red marks( i m experiencing red cheeks now). oso retin a has 2 be prescrible by a doctor... so u might wan 2 ask ur doc 4 it if u wan. hope tis helps
  4. 2 more days n my exam will be over.... aniwae if u all go the scar message board on tis webby u all will c the vinegar n lemon juice method. i dunno whether the threads hab die out anotz.. but i tink i goin try it... it seemed quite effective in getting rid of red marks. wish mi luck k? hahahz
  5. bo bian.... if not my holiday will be wasted.... concealer 4 gers onli mehz? i thot make up den 4 gers... the most i ask my mum help mi laioz le... hahahz.....
  6. seemed like onli time heals red marks... maybe i should use concealer lioaz.... u all noe where got sell concealer? all guardian n watson got? aniwae aloe vera reli works? can u c difference whithin 1 week? n how u apply on u skin..? u bought the real aloe vera or chemical produced aloe vera? hahahz... sori 4 asking so mani questions... aniwae thx 4 daz help..!!
  7. jiat lat lehz.. my exam cuming den now like can't concentrate .. i reli hate goin school.. i dunno y... maybe i still haven adapt life wif acne(i onli had them 2 months ago and it was serious suddenly). now my acne resided but my red marks haben... den i look as if i still got acne so i reli veri sian1/2... if u all guys noe of ani products tt reli wrok miracle on acne MUST kip mi inform lehz... thx alot
  8. yea... if u noe of ani products kip mi inform too... i m desperate 2 find sumtink 4 red marks
  9. yaz lorzz i agree... but they dun reli understand how we felt so actually cant help it too... aniwae now wad u all had been using 4 ur red marks? i reli reli wan 2 get rid of my red marks so i wun look like i m blushing...
  10. actually i tink guardian dun sell alot of tinks... yesterday at jurong point, i saw 1 shop tt sells onli these kind of thing facial wash, acne treatment..blah blah... den i dun dare go in coz no 1 in den daz shop looks like 4 girls onli.. their products r divided into their brand n neutrogena products is near the door i hope there got mutli vitmmin acne treatment.. as for the purpose wash i m not sure... aniwae the shop is located behind J.E n near a shop tt sells 2nd thingy
  11. i m onli 15... i actually had onli ver mild acne until 2 months ago i break off reli bad... but luckily my skin had responded well 2 retin a 1 month ago so now i dun hab ani bumps at all... however i had alot red marks which r still veri visble.. i got heard about NSC but nv have a chance 2 be there... maybe i should make a trip there 2 find sum medication 4 fading red marks.... Thx 4 the informtaion aniwae
  12. whao... so far....maybe fater exam den i can go... anwaie thx 4 the information
  13. halo singapore mates.. me oso frm singapore... lately i had been looking 4 neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment 4 red marks but i cant find it aniwhere... den i saw tis olay regenerist serum which works miracle on red marks too... again i went 2 giant, watson and guardian 2 look 4 it but i still cant find it... now i reli tink singapore has onli RELI LIMITED products. i would like 2 ask if u all had found tis neutrogena mutli vitamin acne treatment or if u noe where can i buy olay regenerist?