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  1. Thanks Zack for posting your progress. Its storys like yours that keep me motivated. Im glad you mentioned that its normal to experience some breakouts while on the regimen. Im really happy for you and your new complexion
  2. Like I said I never had an acne problem but I have one now. My thinking was the more medicine I put on the better my chances of it going away, maybe thats the wrong approach. I will try the hydrocortisone. Thanks for your advice. My acne started slow. It was one or two pimples then my cheeks were loaded with pimples. I found this site while I was looking for something to clear it up. I just got Dans BP so hopefully that will help, and I'll stop using the SA astringent. Thanks for your advice
  3. No fluids. Im not even having a problem with flakey skin like I thought I would. Dosnt the regimen require using BP? Im open for any suggestions or advice. Thanks for responding.
  4. Im new to this, Ive never had an acne problem ever and now my face is infested. I have big painful red bumps that ITCH!!!!!! Some are white heads others seem to be underneath my skin and theres others that I cant even explain. Ive been following the regimen for 4 days I dont know how soon to expect results. I wanted to know if anybody else experiences or has experienced acne that itches????? My regimen....... Morning: Wash face with Neutrogena rapid clear Oil con
  5. Could someone please tell me what aquaphor is and where I can get it. Im assuming its something you put on your lips to ease dryness. Thanks for your feedback