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  1. -CityChic-


    I've been using Duac for about a year now and I love it! Most topicals don't do anything for my acne but Duac works well at keeping the spots away. I use it in combination with Retin-A. It's also quite moisturising. I'd say give it a try.
  2. -CityChic-

    My acne scars

    Hypertrophic scarring and sebaceous hyperplasia
  3. Also I forgot to add that in my experience with liver damage it made my acne much worse that it had ever been before. When parts of the liver are not able to carry out their normal waste recycling functions they start dumping the toxins into your blood. This caused my acne to turn cystic when it was only mild to moderate before. During that whole period I didn't even want to leave my house. It was only once my liver healed after six months that my acne started to clear up. If I were to ever
  4. I've never been on Accutane but feel I should add my two cents since I have had a liver problem in the past. I was on a combination of Doxycycline, Dianette (the pill) and Retin-A for my acne. The combination of which I don't think adds up to the potency of accutane. I had been on this combo in the past with no problems whatsoever and it cleared my acne up wonderfully. I then went back on it after a few years and it completely messed up my liver, and I wasn't even drinking. I had what was
  5. -CityChic-

    Best UK Products

    Milo 1990, I've been using DUAC Gel for about a year now. I actually asked my Derm for it (after reading the good reviews) to replace the Differin Gel I was using which did nothing for my spots. I use it in combination with Retin-A and together they work wonders for me. As long as the other products I'm using (e.g., face wash/moisturiser) don't disagree with my skin I get absolutely no breakouts. When the Retin-A dries me out and I stop using it the Differin still works by itself, but I use
  6. -CityChic-

    Dr Chu

    Thanks Pff.. yeah I've lived in London my entire life so I've been to Hammersmith Hosptal a few times (right next to the prison, lovely ) I was just wondering because he does his treatments privately and not on the NHS he might have a leaflet or two. Anyways I'll probably get an appointment with him and see what he can advise I do. I'm seeing my normal derm at the end of the month so all opinions are better than none. Kuyt, Dr Chu seems to be the British equivalent of Dr Yarborough in the U
  7. -CityChic-

    Best UK Products

    I went into Boots before I read the rest of the thread and bought the Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid with Witch Hazel & Allantoin 100ml for £3.48. I saw the Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Cream but I have oily skin so I was a bit aprehensive about getting a cream for dry skin. It has very similar ingredients to Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion and that broke me out pretty badly although it said it was noncomodeginic. I think it was the Myristyl Myristate which is suppose
  8. -CityChic-

    Dr Chu

    Pff.. Did you get any type of leaflet or brochure for the treatments that he does because his reception staff don't seem to know much. When I first called up a lady told me he does laser treatment for hypertrophic scarring. I wasn't convinced she knew what I was asking for so I called again and another lady answered. She said the only lasers he does are N-Lite and the hair removal laser. I don't want to waste my time getting an appointment for December only to find out he can't help me. D
  9. -CityChic-

    Dr Chu

    Thank you!! Will be calling first thing in the morning.
  10. -CityChic-

    Best UK Products

    Prodigy, are you in the UK? If so where did you order your Cetaphil from? I'm interested in trying the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, Fragrance Free. It has lots of good reviews in the rate product section.
  11. -CityChic-

    Dr Chu

    Sorry I have no answer for your questions as I'm trying to find some contact details too. I'd like to know if he does pulsed dye laser treatment. I'll be on the look out! Please let me know if you do get a number. -CityChic-
  12. -CityChic-

    mac make up help

    Hi, I love MAC makeup too but don't have half as much colours as you so I really wouldn't know what to combine. However I've found Make Up Alley http://www.makeupalley.com/ to be an invaluable resource. Just register, go to the reviews section, select the brand, category of makeup and type in the colour and it should bring up user reviews. A lot of the women (and men, I suppose!) say what colours they combine. For satin taupe alone there are 175 reviews, some like to mix it with pinks and so
  13. -CityChic-

    Elevated scars

    Ppx11, if you only have the one on your chest and it's large enough maybe you could see a derm about a cortisone or kenalog injection. These are supposed to be effective in flattening the scar. For the smaller raised scars Vbeam laser is supposed to b effective but I've not seen enough testimonials.
  14. -CityChic-

    DR Chu (London) e-mail

    Hi. I'm also in London. Where can I find out what treatments Dr Chu carries out? I want to know if he does pulsed dye laser treatment or can recommend a good doctor who does. Does he have a telephone number I can contact him or his secretary on?
  15. -CityChic-

    Elevated scars

    Through my research on this board I think what you're describing as bumps with a pore are called sebaceous hyperplasia. Apparently they're not scarring but an enlarged sebaceous gland. I have a couple along with hypertrophic/raised scarring on my nose. I'm also looking for a treatment. I've read that pulsed dye laser/vbeam gets rid of them as well as the raised scarring. I think someone on this board got his electrocauterized. I don't know much on the subject though. Hopefully someone mor