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  1. Ok, if u didnt know all the foods u eat have chenicals pestisides, animal horomons etc.... this gets in yur blood and can cause acne alot of people dont think about this but it fucks u up, thats y sippin a lil green tea cleans the system of all that shit and yur face gets less blemishes, pimples, and looks alot better tone wise and for the retards who dont drink it cause its nasty hmmmm just add sugar OMG WOW! o yeah if u read the article i posted it will tell u how to apply the green tea as
  2. yeah water always helps keeps the system clean also try green tea read my post on it
  3. acutally smokin weed or cigs causes yur skin to wrinkle, age and can cause yur acne to flair and puss thats just me speaking from EXPERIENCE! o yeah if u are gettin scars smoking stops yur body from healing which means u will have more scars and it will take longer for them to heal
  4. http://www.care2.com/channels/solutions/self/2011 it does alot for the body including fighting blemishes!
  5. My first time SOMEONE HOLD MY HAND! hehe n e way im kinda new to this forum..... Skin type: very oily, blackheads, and red scars.. i recently started using biore products and they have been helping alot. first off i noticed the reduction in blackheads, oil and my poors are closing and are alot smaller do to the fact i use the clay masking 3 times a week.. u can feel it tighting yur poors up and after u wash it u will notice yur pores are smaller! in the shower i been using there poor unclogg