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  1. Hiya guys, This thread has kinda helped me hope again. I've tried accutane low dose 3 months, all back acne cleared but my cheeks still red, acne no where near as bad though. Should I be looking to accutane again? Please look at my topic list I've got a picture up, please help me. And congrats guys
  2. Hi, I live in the UK, I think I have the same problem, I don't know if it's ruptured blood vessels, my and is mostly under control but skin is soon red with spots. Laser costs a lot in the UK.. I'd do it if I reallythought it worked for mmy case, could you please look at my topic I've posted a picture. I really need some help.
  3. Hi all, So happy to have found this site! I am 23. I think I have acne under control, it's not bad I don't pimples so much since I have been doing below things. But I still have red spots all over cheeks and it's started coming on forehead help please. 1. I drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit, veg, fish, nuts, porridge 2. I don't eat rice, bread, milk, fried food 3. I take vitamin pills and omega 3 4. I sleep meditate and exercise well. 5. I cleanse and moisturise I have tried accut
  4. Hi all, I am so relieved to find this website! I am 23 and have had acne, for the past year I have been: 1. cleansing and moisturising 2. exercising an hour a day at least 3 days a week# 3. staying away from milk, bread, rice, pasta, chips, friend foods, chocolate 4.eating lots of fruits,vegetables,nuts, fish, drink lots of water 5. sleeping right, meditating. 6. Been taking vitamin pills and omega3 pills for a month. My acne has now become manageable, which means when i stra
  5. guys I'm sorry to not be contrtibuting to your question, I've just signed up and I dont know how to start a topic or post or thread or whatever, can someone pls direct me? where is the start topic option ?