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  1. you are very cuteee

  2. I used to get leg acne, especially on my thighs. I really hated it. Nowadays I just get razor bumps -- I HAVE had one or two little nicks of acne on my legs, but they aren't noticeable and I leave them alone and they go away. When you're playing a sport, you probably wear pretty low shorts -- ones that reach to the knee or so, correct? If so, the material is just irritating your skin, which is why you're breaking out. If you're a girl and wearing short-shorts, it's mostly just the sun and sweat
  3. It's probably just the weather... but lasting for 2 years is a little insane. I know that when I go to Thailand, my skin decides to break out crazy because of the humidity, but after a few days, I become the clearest I have ever been. Then when I get back to where I live, it just becomes moderate acne (unless I am on the regimen). Perhaps -that- is why? I can't really say for sure. Have you been using the regimen correctly? Once daily, then twice??
  4. When I was using 10% BP I HATED it... then when I switched to 2.5% I still had slight redness, but not as severe and more around my cheeks. It gave a nice little blush, but I already have one naturally. Sometimes it was annoying, other times flattering. Nowadays, still using a low dosage of 2.5% BP, I don't have any redness or itching... dryness only occurs right after I wash my face. And it is extremely mild. But I do miss that redness... heh. Maybe not.
  5. Regular soap will leave residue in your pores and basically clog you. It's okay to do a soapy run-down in the shower, but you should really get an acne treatment body wash for that.
  6. I use Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 15... so is that a bad idea or something? Even Dan recommends it. And what are the statistics of having skin discoloration?
  7. Well, I'd suggest Dan's Regimen, because it will get rid of those scars and make them fade... as for the white mark, those eventually go away over time. I think they are just excess dry patches of your skin. Lightly moisturize twice a day, is what I suggest.
  8. Try switching to Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 15. Doesn't smell the best but it works great in small doses. Also, after I apply my BP and moisturizer, I wrap some tissue paper over my index finger and just lightly rub my skin to get off any excess BP that dried or whatever, then use a gentle washcloth (DRY), to rub over my face lightly. It prevents my skin from over-peeling and also gives a nice healthy glow.
  9. Don't touch it or try and pop it. If it errupts, let it, and use BP (I suggest moderately), on it twice a day. If it appears, it'll go away faster than if you mess with it.
  10. Don't add Bp during the day unless you plan on repeating the regimen process... just leave your skin alone after the morning wash. Don't pick your face or pop your pimples, no matter how icky they get!
  11. I don't have rosacea, but I suggest using the BP every other day, or even every other two days. And carry your moisturizer around and moisturize if you start to feel dry or extremely red.
  12. It looks like it has been clearing up significantly. It's mostly just around your shoulders now. Try switching your backpack, if you're using one that is for two-shoulders, get one that slings over one shoulder instead. The lower part of your back has definitely cleared up, though. And don't touch. ^^
  13. This means that you probably have not either: 1. let the neutrogena 'absorb' in your skin (lighter touch, more time rubbing in one area) 2. Did not let the moisturizer 'absorb' in your skin (same deal above) 3. Did not wait the 5-15 minutes before applying the BP/Moisturizer (aka did not follow the regimen exactly) 4. Forgot to do some 'clean up.' I am using the EXACT materials you are, and sometimes the neutrogena will dry up around my face before I have a chance to let it absorb. Just take a
  14. another thing, i wonder, why do i always break out more when it's raining?? what's the deal with that? is there any scientific explanation to the fenomenon? I usually have some of my worst breakouts when it's snowing/raining/ and generally gloomy outside. When the weather isn't shining I usually feel lazy and not too worth anything... and stress out (who knows why). I tend to break out more when I stress, too. As for the scientific side of it... I dunno. Maybe the rain clogs your por