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  1. Censorship! Uggh. Say it isn't so. The one thing most highly sought after by peoples around the world. A voice. Free speech. Now that Mrs. Goebbels has deleted half the thread, I'm done posting. One last thing though, and I'm sure this will be deleted too. If you have one or two scars and you are really depressed because of them, then you are a vain person and want to get them fixed so you can be "seen". If you are severely scarred, you are wanting to get them fixed so that you
  2. Mr. jackthebear, Please don't use me as an example to justify your position on this thread. Especially from another thread. Making one comment does not solidify ones perspective on scarring and emotional trauma. If you have an opinion, state it and be done. as I will mine. If you have one or two little scars and you believe that you are ugly because of it and your world is ending, then you are deceived. You may be ugly, you may be unlikeable, but it's not the scars that are ca
  3. Honestly, if it is still red, then it is still healing. Over time, the redness will fade. Skin lightening creams with hydroquinone are designed to lighten pigment, ie. melanin, not redness, which is indicative of an immune system reaction. And even then, I've never had luck with those creams. My suggestion is to give it a little time, and see what happens with the coloration. It should stop being red within a couple-few months. Using a product like Mandelic acid may help you, especia
  4. If you want to pm me feel free, and I'll help out the best I can. I'm sure Tracy would be more than willing too. None of us are experts. We've all just done a lot of reading and many have already spent lots of time and money in trying to improve our conditions.
  5. I haven't used it yet, but it sounds to me like a Mandelic acid topical would really help you out. There's a longish thread on this topic(al).
  6. KJ

    In tears

    Might I add, that since the apparent majority of doctors are unsympathetic and mostly concerned with $, that is why this forum is such a godsend and people like Maya are paving the way for all of us to educate ourselves, and seek out the BEST possible EFFECTIVE treatments for the least amount of $.
  7. KJ

    In tears

    LIsa I'm sorry to hear of your horrible experience. I have often experienced the same thing, seemingly every doctor does not listen and everything is done on their terms, at their convenience, and on their time. And WE are paying THEM! It enrages me too. Keep on persevering though, as you WILL at some point find a good doc. that will listen and know his/her stuff. I honestly think that the type of people attracted to medicine in the first place are almost from the get go precluded from
  8. That's good! You're right, it's one advantage of being a guy. For some reason it seems that guys are not expected to have beautiful skin as much as women. Maybe that's related to evolutionary history, etc. But I think that's changing too. Men are now becoming subject to the same scrutinies. I've often thought about saying I was in a car accident or something to justify my scarring and generate some sympathy. ({|= But in fact it's simple acne scarring and some from childhood mish
  9. wow! Sounds like a movie. Medical madness. Well best of luck to her and I hope for her sake the doc is about to resurrect her reputation.
  10. I've tried creams and potions and elixirs and etc. Nothing works for my bags and discoloration under the eyes except one thing... Exercise. A good 2 or 3 mile run daily will do wonders for your eyes.
  11. Well, that's a good question. I'm kind of a hack, but I play sort of whatever I happen to come up with. I'm not really good enough to say I play "rock" or "jazz" or something. I just do it for the fun of it. Here's a link to my latest creation if you have the time to download and are curious (it's like 12 megs): http://f1.pg.briefcase.yahoo.com/moselius I'd be curious of your opinion actually, this is the first I've ever displayed it outside of my tiny circle.
  12. Awesome to hear of your good results and even better to hear of a highly skilled doctor and master practicioner. These are the people we all dream of finding. God knows I have been to more shitty doctors and dermatologists in my lifetime than I ever care to remember. Thanks for the insight on dermabrasion too. I do have a question though, did you have any pigmentation problems after the dermabrasion sessions? And what was the average downtime.?? I hear you and relate soooo much when you
  13. Sweet Jesus, you are James Hetfield! I play too, and indeed, it can be a great gift during times of strife and madness.
  14. Microdermabrasion certainly is not necessary in prep for smoothbeam. I've had multiple microdermabrasions in the past and they seemed to do very little, nothing in fact, that you couldn't do with a good lactic peel beforehand. I think they push the microdermabrasion thing for $, and in truth, I personally don't think it's worth the cost. It is obviously a very good idea to exfoliate as much as possible before the smoothbeams, allowing for deeper penetration into the dermis and hopefully the
  15. The super serum has worked fine for me. I've been using it for about two weeks now with no redness and no peeling issues, and I've never used copper peptides before. My skin is fairly sensitive too. Now this is different than the super cop, which is like mud and is super strong. That stuff you'd only want to use on occassion. It itches and exfoliates alot with repeat use. But the serum has been mild in my brief experience so far.