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  1. Hi Rooo, I also have many of these scars. It takes time, they won´t get invisible if the damage is to deep, but they can get better. You can make soft peelings and put some rose hip oil or Centella oil on it after peeling, this makes it heal faster. So some of them maybe get the normal skin tone. Good luck .
  2. Hi @nate28 you are right, there are many. I think there also must be reports if there is something gone wrong with this peelings. @pennypal yes, studies like that are expensive. If there is premature ageing, wouldn´t it be already publicly? I should not be worried like this, but it is the problem that I don´t know it for sure. But what should people do who are suffering from scars? Living with them and be unhappy if there is an opportunity with this treatments (laser, peelings and others).
  3. I have posted this thread some time ago and I am still afraid of the consequences. Are there any news (studies, publications or something like that)? Do you know someone who has problems with earlier skin agieng because of many peelings? There must be any experiences...
  4. Hi dragonfly ink, thank you and sorry for my late answer - it is interesting what you wrote about needling, also the scar tattooing on your website.
  5. thank you , but I can´t pay with PayPal, because I don´t have that credit card. In Austria you cannot use the PayPal account without, in Germany and outher countries it is possible, so that is the problem.
  6. Hi, maybe you could help me... does anyone know, where I can buy a roller for needling with 0.5 or 1.0 mm for good results? I am from Austria and unfortunately I don´t have a credit card (and so I also don´t have a PayPal account) to order from ebay.com or a shop from the USA. thanks for your help
  7. @jestex123 I think this sounds very good, how is it now? Wish you good results! @Hopesprings thank you
  8. Hi , thank you for you answers. @Hopesprings do you know how many % Julie´s TCA has? I can´t find any clear details, she writes, about that it is not good if clients use 50% TCA? @Jestex123 I see, this is maillie . Could you write about the results, if you have tried it? This would be very nice... I am still a little bit unsure, maybe Julie´s is better? But is it really strong enough with a frosting effect? Nice greetings ...Mahina
  9. Hi , I am very confused about which strong TCA from ebay.com is really good stuff. There are many ebayers, but I don´t know which is really good. There have been for example discussions about the TCA from maillie. I bought 50% TCA from Loganwoodskincare, but from ebay.de. I don´t have PayPal or a Creditcard, so this was easier to buy for me, but one time I bought with the help of a friend from newcomplexions, 100%, but it was never as strong as the TCA from Loganwoodskincare and I was dissap
  10. I don´t know, I am shocked, because I think it is "too late" for me, I had about 50-60 (or more) different and also very deep peelings. My skin is also thinner than before and more sensible. That was the price for having less scars, I am sad about that, nobody told me about this risks before.
  11. me again... I´ve found this now: " ... Whatever treatment 'encourages' your skin to shed its top layer faster enhances aging. Using scrubs, and especially chemical peels, will make you look like an old woman far too early. ... ... The use of scrubs and peelings accelerates regeneration of skin cells, and because all cells can multiply only a fixed number of times, premature replacement of old cells decreases their total life span. The more you peel, the sooner your skin ages. In addition,
  12. Hi Hopesprings, You are right, it is not the option if someone is suffering because of scars, that he don´t make peelings because this could happen. I don´t know people who have also made peelings (or I´ve seen some but I don´t know that they have made peelings). Here it is not so often that people make many peelings. There is one thing that could also be interesting - what about the people who have psoriasis? The skin of people with psoriasis peels very fast, so they should also h
  13. Yes kat17, that´s what I also thought before, but some say, that the cells cannot be rebuilt unlimited without "errors" and others say, the cells have a limited division. The theory is, the more deeper peelings someone makes, the more the cells have to divide, because the "new" skin has to be regenerated. There are not only dead cells that will be removed with for example TCA. Only dead cells are removed with soft peelings, to wash the face for example. So there can be errors (thats one
  14. Hi mz43026, I´ve also made many homepeels. What choice did I have if I don´t want to live with so many scars. Do you think your skin looks older than the skin of others at your age? Hope, that someone has an answer. In the USA there you can make easier TCA homepeels, here it is not possible to get TCA without shipping from the US. So there should be progress reports or studies, that´s what I suppose.
  15. Hi, I am very worried about if my skin has already a big damage because of the many peelings I had to make in the past (for the scars in my face). I am now 31 and had two Erbium Yag Peelings and *many!* TCA and Green Peels. The doctors told me different things about skin ageing and peelings . Some say that the ageing will not be faster and the cells will only automatic rebuilt slower if we get older, the other told me that the skin cell division is limited. I also read that the cells from the