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    im the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral
  1. omg what a bastard, just ignore him sweetie, you dont want people like that in your life anyway
  2. i think eventually the pharmacutical company willl fade out. a lot of people are getting into less-medication methods like massage therapy and such
  3. This is byfar my favourite post on the org. in fact after charyan dies i might marry you. you're right on, little mister. right. on. some of the products out there may work, but it only masks the problem. once you're off it, BAM, youre back to hellface city. right now my skin looks more radiant and its been clearing with the holistic lifestyle im following but i just know in my heart of hearts theres still some hormones going wonky... BUT! my 17th is coming up, and by the time my brother was 1
  4. scientific mumbo jumbo?! how dare you mock science! besides, you dont know the history of psychiatry and iii doo anyway enough of that i said before i dont doubt it works wonders for people, but the FDA is hiding something, i just KNOW it!! they cant pull the wool over MY eyes ignore me lol. i have psychotic tendencies (i really do hate the FDA though)
  5. What the?! I should drink 1072 oz of water per day. :rolleyes: ...what? im lost lol. youve lost me my weight = 125 lbs 125 / 2 = 62.5 i should drink 62.5oz of water where the hell did the 1072 figure come from?! XD
  6. well.. for vitamins to maintain healthy skin, skin gurus would suggest vitamins A C D and E. they have their reasons
  7. if bp does indeed generate free radicals, they may be causing some of the aging we're seeing ironically the same air that gives us life is what causes iron to rust, fruit to turn brown, and our bodies' cells to break down and age. through a series of chemical changes, oxygen molecules (bp creates oxygen, no?) in our bodies lose electrons, making them unstable. these unstable molecules are called free radicals. in frantic attempts to stabilize themselves, free radicals pillage electrons from h
  8. ... another tip is to drink it with a straw.. ensuring quick delivery straight down the throat and away from your teeth!! I have actually heard that brushing after lemon juice is BAD , the enamal is weakened and brushing damages it?? Swish and spit The straw is a great idea, why didn't I think of that oh snap Swish with what? water or a mouthwash?
  9. dont feel bad yellow, i intentionally keep up with a few peoples posts just because i find their perpetual sob stories amusing ya dont need tv when you have the org