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  1. I was thinking of getting this, because of the vitamins and how it has AHA in it. I wanted to see how many people are using this or have used this, and how they like it, or liked it.
  2. I started to use much hotter water than I was before, just about as hot as I can stand. First thing I noticed was that I didnt get any more or less dry from it, as some people say it strips your skin of oil. Also I think it cleanses better and removes dead skin better. Because if you think about it, you shower and clean your hands and body using hot water because it kills bacteria. So I think the same would go for your face, just my opinion.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply. So using the moisturizer for you hasnt diminished the effectiveness of the Benzaclin? Thats all I am worried about. Because I would prefer to use a moisturizer but was told to try not to because when the skin dries and flakes its the skin healing itself. Right now I am using the stuff very lightly on the problem areas and rubbing it in very good. I am impressed that it doesnt leave a film of white on the skin. But since my acne is around my mouth, it basically shuts my
  4. Hello, I have been dealing with acne for about 3 years now, (I am 20 right now), and it never has really gotten any better. I never really tried hard to get rid of it either. I never went to a doctor or a derm, so I was always buying the crap they sell at the stores and none of that stuff worked. All my acne is centered around my lower cheeks, towards the corners of my mouth. My skin is quite dry and has been for a couple years, mostly because there are always pimples there. Well anyway, last we
  5. I am thinking about trying something like what you did, do you have any other tips for me. I have mild/moderate acne never have been to a doctor and have rarely used anything other than a cleanser. I need something that makes my skin feel good. As of right now all I do is splash water on my face thats it.
  6. So how long has this been working for you now, and do you get a lot less acne now?
  7. To tell you the truth though I have mild/moderate acne for about a 2 years, and whether I use a regiemn or just splash water on my face, my face does not change one bit...which makes it all the more frusterating, my acne doesnt get worse nor get better, just a constant 3-4 pimples through out the week all whiteheads, and blackheads on my nose. I never have been to a dermatologist or a doctor and never used anything but stupid ass face wash, so maybe its time to deal with this shit once and for a