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  1. Well my attempt to blog throughout this whole process was a huge fail, but I just had to come post an update. Six months after starting accutane I AM ZIT FREE! I have not had a new pimple in about a month. I have just a couple weeks left on accutane now. Is this a dream? Accutane is a rough medication to be on, but my only regret is not doing this years ago. Dry lips, red patchy skin, and back aches were my biggest issues but so worth waking up and looking back at clear skin in the mirror. I
  2. The woman who did my chemical peels just suggested not using it for about 3 days beforehand!
  3. I just finished my first month of accutane, and these side effects are the worst! I got dry lips and skin almost immediately after starting treatment. The one upside is that I used to have to wash my hair daily or it would be a greasy mess, and now I've been going 3 or 4 days between washes! Then about a week ago my eyelid became very swollen and hurt so bad. I went to the eye doctor, and she said that the oil glands in my eyelid were clogged from the accutane. She squeezed them and within a cou
  4. Mine was slightly higher than normal also, but my doctor still started me on accutane.
  5. I'm on day 5 and my face feels dry, but my lips are still fine. I have headches, and drinking lots of water seems to help with that. Good luck to you!
  6. Hi all! Well I'm on day 5 of accutane and not much to update. I drank over a gallon of water yesterday and staying hydrated seemed to help with the headaches. I am feeling dry and sensitive. I'm now using cetaphil cleanser to wash my face instead of exfoliating. One question I have for you all is if anyone drank alcohol while on accutane? My derm never mentioned anything about it, but I know the drug can be hard on your liver. I usually drink a glass of wine or beer every night, but I haven
  7. Well, I guess I'm officially a blogger! This site really helped me decide to go forward trying accutane, so I decided I would document my journey as well. I will start by noting that I have suffered with somewhat mild acne for 11 years. I'm now 23 years old and have tried pretty much everything to clear up my face. I have taken a few different antibiotics, prescription creams and gels, hormonal drugs, proactiv, chemical peels, expensive clairisonic brushes, home remedies, and over the count