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  1. after just about every medication, including accutane (three times), i seemed to have found a pretty effective way of achieving clear skin. i'll try to make this short and to the point. basically, instead of piling all kinds of chemical shit on my face, i decided to change my habits. i had a bad habit of sleeping on my stomach, with my face smooshed against the pillow. i committed to sleeping only on my back. i also changed my pillow cases and bed sheets once a week. i showered twice a day. i
  2. sorry to anyone who's been following this topic, i'm a bit late with the monthly update. after the first month, not a huge difference. i took the "before" picture on one of my clearest days in a while, but since then i've had minor breakouts on and off. i've had some serious cysts but no widespread breakouts. i reduced the time to ten minutes a day two weeks ago. overall, i can't yet say that there's been any significant reduction in acne, but no increase either. the red "healing" light doesn't
  3. shit, i wasn't expecting technical questions (!) about all i can answer is that they are 50 watts and they have a UV filter over the front of the lamp. they come in little boxes with little other technical info on them. looks like i'm quite the labrat. i would've preferred getting the real deal Sci/ART lamps or dermalux or whatever else is reputable, and i wouldn't have to pay much more, but living in Australia it's a bit hard to get my hands on that stuff (i've had multiple bad experiences
  4. i was on accutane three times...im' 120 pounds, male..first time was 50mg, next two times were 60mg. clears up my acne great while i'm on it (then it comes back about a year later). as for side effects, i didn't experience anything other than the typical dryness. the doctor warned that there's a small chance of developing ankle spurs later on in life, so we'll see. other than that i didn't experience any LATENT (@#$%$#$%!!!!) side effects and it improved my "lifes" a lot more than some might say
  5. didn't read all nine pages of the thread, but i just thought i'd share my experiences with Accutane; i'll try to make my response short and to the point. if i'm posting in the wrong thread, please forgive me. condition before accutane: cystic acne, i weigh approx. 120 lbs and i'm a male. non drinker (at the time), nonsmoker, meat eater with a physically demanding job, not sexually active (the whooooole three years i was on it...i was a nerd in high school). dosage: 50mg, then 60 mg the second