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  1. Okay , m going to continue with this fast in search of clear skin thanks guys for all your help was really helpful
  2. Oh thanks guys i thought i shouldn't eat or drink anything except water during my water fast..I started today my stomach is already growling but i can manage and since m in a sports team i think i will feel tired then but i got no choice
  3. Hi guys ,I'm Lima and i'm also New to this community ,m 16 and suffering from ance i use to have clear skin before than most of my friends but it looks like ance has taken its revenge on me.. . Lately i've been read about water fast and i also wanted to try that to see any improvements im not sure how long i have to do this(i have been thinking maybe 3-4days) and also i take Vitamin c pills along with some other antioxidant pills every am and pm , will taken that affect my water fast by any cha