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  1. Charletx

    Day One Thousand Six Hundred And Sixty Four. Just Kidding.

    Lol ur really funny love at first pimple , I get it tho I KNOW sometimes my Boyf is looking at me thinking yuck because I do it myself!, but I do however think this guy cud of reacted the way he did for a whole load of differnt reasons ie. he now has a girlfriend (or he had one to begin with!) don't be so sure it's the acne sometimes ppl will look at me and ill be convincind ther looking at my spots n then turns out I stood in sum tissue or something lol xx
  2. Charletx

    Some Advice To Those Who Are Stubborn Like I Was

    I agree! I feel like this whole acne thing has made an emostional wreck I'm a very emosh person anyway but litrely like everytime I talk about acne or accutane I get so emostional I cried in the derms office and I just didn't think he was very supportive or sympathetic I also got the feelin I knew a little more about accutane than he did seriously as in side effects and statistics and stuff and I thort the same I cud do this job with all my knowledge and empathy lol xx
  3. Charletx

    Here Goes Nothing!

    Hi I wish you look your acne seems similar to mine, I am just about to start accutane and doing as much research as I can! Can I ask is your skin really oily to begin with like really bad or jus a little , that's one thing I'm worrying about my skin is not that oily so I worry I'm gunna dry it out 2 much xx
  4. Charletx

    Input On Supplements While On Accutane

    Hi ther I'm sorry to disappoint I'm just about to start accutane treatment and was hoping for some similar answers!! Lets hope sum1 replays asap , can I ask r u male or female and wat dose tane u on? Xx
  5. Charletx

    Accutane Low Dose Terrified!

    Starting a low dose accutane course I mean super low dose like 10mg twice a week I am we'll aware this will take a long time to work (if it works at all) I am prepared to up the dose depending on how I react to side affects! I am terrified of the hair loss that's the main issue for me like litrely terrified!! I'm planning on takin biotin and putting coconut oil on my scalp and hopping for the best anyone been on low dose accutane before? X