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  1. Meg

    Fraxel in Seattle?

    Hello, I know a doctor in Olympia offers it and Dr Bernstein in Seattle, but I don't think it'll be cheaper than the Portland doc. Epecially when you factor in the cost of going up to WA 4-6 times. Maybe the price will start to drop when more docs offer it. Best of luck, Meg
  2. Christy, Thank you for that detailed description of your scars and the treatment. I'm eager to hear how it turns out for you. All the best, Megan
  3. Christy, How would you describe your scarring? I'm most bothered by my ice picks, enlarged pores and weird texture and I don't really have any 'good' unaffected skin on my cheeks & chin. Thanks, Meg
  4. Emily & Christy, I did contact Lisa Lam and may go up there for treatment. It'd be nice if I could find more feedback on her from satisfied customers, but at least her work on perm. makeup repair looked wonderful on her site. That seems like a good sign. I'd've really liked to have Susan Church or a protege do the treatment, but I don't want to wait until I can go to LA. Thanks to both of you for your advice and good luck
  5. Thank you so much for sharing all this information! Very few doctors would be able to advise us so well.
  6. Petlover, What's the downtime with Ms Lam's treatment? Thanks! Emily, I live in Tacoma and have been looking for someone in the area who does this for a few years and have not had any luck. There's a place in Oak Harbor called Forever Pretty that does needling and the woman who does it is very nice, but she wasn't willing to try it on my skin. She doesn't want to risk making things worse, so only treats deep scars. Best of luck and please let me know if you find someone here in WA.
  7. Hello Washingtonians, I haven't posted in a really long time, but I finally found someone who doees needling here in Washington. The place is called Forever Pretty 123. It's in Oak Harbor, the woman who does it is Tammy, she was trained 5 years ago by Susan Church. I'll report back on my results to if I go ahead with it. Meg
  8. Hi Caroline, I've only had 2 SB treatments so far and haven't noticed any fat loss. I'd heard that was a potential problem with radiofrequency treatments (thermage and others I can't think of right now) but I hadn't heard that it could happen with SB. Have you heard of fat loss occurring specifically with SB? Thanks, Meg
  9. Obi, I've asked my Smoothbeam doctor about the Cross procedure and he'd at least heard of it. He was willing to try 35% TCA, but not 100%. I forgot to bring a printout of the paper, but he said he'd read if I bring it in. I'm hoping that after reading it, he'll feel more comfortable with the higher concentration of TCA. I'm not sure if anyone's had any positive results from the 35% conc. He's very conservative with treatments in general. He only goes up to 12 on Smoothbeam usually, but is willi
  10. joylovepeace, He thought the 100% could be damaging and make the scars look worse. That's not an uncommon reaction for docs to have since they'd normally never use that high concentration. I'm hoping that once he reads the paper and discusses the treatment with the dr that's performing it now, he'll feel more comfortable with it. He seems to be fairly cautious in general. Anna, I've gotten such great info from this site, especially from yourself, that it's nice to finally have something hel
  11. Hello, I've recently gone on my first consultations with doctors that treat scars and just wanted to share my experiences for anyone who's seeking doctors in western WA. First, I had a pretty brief consult w/ Dr Anna Ragaz in Seattle for subcision tx. She does a light TCA/retinoic acid peel (10% I think, optional, but included in price) right before the subcision and recommends N Lite treatments as a follow up. She usually does 3-6 rounds of sub, which seemed like a lot to me. The cost is
  12. Plateaukid, After calling both Dr Wong's and Dr Rassmussen's (in Silverdale), I decided that Dr Rassmussen will work out better for me. I have another derm condition I'm getting regular treatment for and he seems willing to do both at the same time. Dr Wong, as a plastic surgeon rather than a derm, wouldn't do that. I'm a little reluctant to actually make the appt after reading some of the recent negative posts about Smoothbeam. I don't know if I should just wait until the Gentle Waves L
  13. Thanks, Plateaukid! Locateadoc.com had her # as 206-505-1360 (nothing in dexonline), so I guess I'll try that one on Monday.
  14. Very exciting news! Thanks for sharing this. Do you have any of the details - doctor's name, address, or price? I was about to make an appt with the doctor in Silverdale, but I thought that after the Candela seminar in Seattle next month, it might become available in Tacoma or another location more convenient for me. Thanks, Meg
  15. This is an interesting topic. I looked this up in Medline and it appears that copper doesn't just decrease vitamin C's effectiveness, but actually causes it to generate free radicals instead of acting as an antioxidant. It seems you should be careful not to use both products at the same time. Here's some brief summaries of the articles if anyone's interested. J Biochem (Tokyo). 1987 Oct;102(4):839-42. Related Articles, Links Cross-linking of collagen by ascorbate-copper ion systems.