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  1. Kittix

    Week 2

    Day 14 (Tuesday 29th October 2013) My lips are constantly getting dryer, more like a thick dry layer that’s always there (no matter how much Nivea or lip balm I use). Irritating, but definitely manageable. For the last two days my face (and especially nose) has just been ridiculously itchy (like a hair poking on your skin), which has really not been helping with the whole “no picking” thing. The breakout that I’ve been experiencing seems pretty constant so far – from my research this seems n
  2. Kittix

    Week 1

    I started off by taking both 20mg tablets together at night, right before bed. I had done so much research about the subject, and was not keen to start taking this from all the horror stories I had heard about during and after treatment – however, the doctor assured me that any side effects I experienced were reversible, and that if I stopped taking medication immediately anything I experienced would go away, give or take a month at most. Day 3 (Friday 18th October 2013) Today my joints are
  3. Hey guys Here is my log of my journey on Isotretinoin. First off, some back-round information: I am 27 years old, and have been suffering with mild but on-going acne since I was 19. I never had a problem during High School apart from the occasional spot which quickly resolved itself. I went and saw a Dermatologist when the problem started getting worse (breakout after breakout – not bad breakouts, but always there). He had a look and very quickly prescribed me Diane-35, a contraceptive, as