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  1. I feel your pain, prudygirl. as a 30-something myself, my breakouts are mostly erratic. altho, I believe mine are mostly hormonal. antibiotics and whatnot only work for a while and end up being more harm than good in the long run. my 40-something aunt just went on Accutane and it cleared her up. but, most of the time my skin is clear now due to the fact that I stopped putting so much "stuff" on it, no more BP or other stuff and I only use foundation just to mask the reddish areas if I have one.
  2. Sixx

    free...so, that's nice. I can't believe how quickly it evened out my skin tone. It did take a little time to help with blemishes. But, once it kicked in, it made a huge difference. well, its pee. But, Im a big girl, I can handle it. This may not work for everyone. But, what's to lose? You just have to get past the whole "Im putting pee on my face" thing, once that's conquered you'll be glad you did. I had the cystic papule type for the most part, some smaller whiteheads, but I
  3. 5 minutes on most days, but then I don't use foundation except for dabbing it on reddish areas. touch of blush, quickie mascara and some gloss. if Im going out and want to go glam with extra lashes, liner and shadow it would take up to 20 - 30 minutes.
  4. hmmm...sounds like you might be on the right track with the exfoliator as long as you don't over do it. have you tried steaming your face over some hot water in a bowl? Im no doctor, of course, but maybe that would help open up the pores a bit?
  5. oh kat, the royal family?? how cool is that? Im still going strong! only using little dabs of foundation to cover over a few red spots as they heal, but not over my whole face. I must say, my skin has never looked so good! Ive been taking B3, a probiotic and zinc everyday as well.
  6. ohhh you are in the UK, okay...so Aleve is Naproxin Sodium and Motrin is Ibuprophen as for their technical names. I figure your brand names may vary. I live in the US and I own/run an online fashion accessory biz. I make mostly felt and fabric flowers and hair accessories. My shop (Accessoire) is on Etsy, if you've ever heard of that =) I so wish I could grasp the strings, its such a beautiful medium. But, since Im not creative that way, I'll just sew lol They say for the cold weather to
  7. GAF, your skin looks so good!! =) Kat, have you tried some Aleve or Motrin? might help with the inflammation? you are a cello instructor? I picked up a violin (nice one, too) last year and tried to teach myself the strings....ugh, its so hard! the notes are so close, its infuriating lol I think I should've started when I was 4 ...should probably sell this violin. I watch Apocalyptica and they make the cello look so effortless...they so rock.
  8. good morning all! I thought Id chime in, been reading this thread long enough lol Im a chick (30 something) and had PERFECT skin until about 6 years ago. The acne started slowly and now I get bouts of bad mixed with bouts of not so bad, like right now Im clear. But, that probably won't last. of course, right? So, some things Ive learned in my old age (haha)...make up isn't that great for me. It just tends to cake and look icky, so Im only using tiny amounts of liquid concealer for covering r
  9. hmm...sounds like a blood blister of some sort? It will go away on its own, might take some time though depending on how deep it is. Does it still feel sore or infected?
  10. your English is good! my advice is to read up here and see if you can find something that might work for you. For many, Dan's BP cream is working wonders! stress can be a factor, but in this world we live in, its hard to have no stress, you know what I mean? just remember there are hundreds, if not thousands, here just like you! jump in and start reading =)
  11. Proactive dried my skin out too much. Dan's BP gel is just the perfect strength to apply every day without getting the flakies. Well that and the fact that Im 100% baby soft clear with Dan's gel =)
  12. looking great Ranger!! what a great read and even better photos wishing you much continued success =)
  13. ohhh I feel your pain! I used to get THE worst acne on my chin and jawline, sometimes the forehead. I tried EVERYTHING including antibiotics. Started taking a probiotic religiously and I use the Dan's BP gel every night after I wash my face and Im 100% clear now. But, it did take some time for everything to work...almost gave up, but kept plugging along and finally, success! I've been clear for a good 7-8 months now =) But, I cant stop the gel, or I'll break out again. But, I can handle that, i
  14. if you arnt using the regimen or any bp i suggest no soap and just warm water.alot of things out there really screw up your skin nowdays and bp is the only thing that gets rid of acne.but thats just me.i say if you arnt gonan fight the acne theres no point in takin a chance of makin it worse and many soaps do.its happend to me a couple times. thats the thing, I dont have acne anymore...every once in a great while I'll get a small surface whitehead (like the size of a pencil lead) that is ea
  15. what happened was, when you tried to pop it the first time you actually pushed the infection deeper....it wasnt ready to be drained. Now you have the infection deeper and its building. LEAVE IT ALONE til its ready, and what I mean by ready is that you will start to see white stuff under the surface. If you continue to pick and push on it when its still too deep, you will push it even deeper and it will take forEVER to come to a head. To make it ready sooner, you can put a damp hottish washclot