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  1. i'd like to see some pics too.. Elicina hasn't worked for me and i tried it for a couple of months, it seems the only people that benefited from it were the testimonials posted up on their site. However, copperpeptides are proven to break down scar tissue although it takes months to see results.
  2. Yea your skin is exfoliating, you posted it yourself, remember?
  3. How are you apply the cream? Do you put it on in the morning or night? I know that u need to go for about 8 hours without anything so do you take a shower and let your skin repair then apply the cream?
  4. mc


    Yea, some people feel that they can't lead the lives they wanted because there scars got in the way. People shouldn't let this happen because they dont make us any different or incapable of doin anything that we set our minds too. There are many famous people with acne scars that lead happy, successful lives. I just got finished watching an ultra resultion version of the new matrix trailer. Keanu Reeves has noticeble acne scars and so does Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and they're both very pres
  5. I will be seeeing a homeopathic doctor sometime in early june, i will ask him about it and even see if he can mix the cream for me.
  6. I assume that the reason she has variations of her cream is because there are many skin types. Some people's skin is more sensitive than others. bez, any updates on how your skin is doing with the cream?
  7. mc


    We all feel the same way at times just remember that..
  8. mc


    No but why would he tattoo your good skin?
  9. mc


    Just to let you all know, i've been putting Curad Scar Therapy Cosmetic Pads over my scars once most of their swelling and scabs go away. After 8 weeks of use (24 hours a day), scars are suppose to be less noticeable with the pads.
  10. mc


    Just to let you all know. If you have done skin needling and have noticed that your scars look smaller to the point that there are small pin holes then dermabrasion will help to smooth them out.
  11. Bez, can you make sure though, I dont wanna email her cuz she seems to get a lot though she seems to read yours. I just dont want to lead into assumptions; i want to be sure. thanx
  12. Really, we want you to prove us wrong. Talk is cheap. BTW chemical peels are natural to... glycolic acid has been used for hundreds years back to when cleopatra was around. Its derived from fruit. Lactic acid is natural too, your own body produces it. I know about this homeopathic healer that lives in my hometown. I wont be home for another couple of months but once im there i'll try to ask him. Do you know if this cream is safe to use in the sun?
  13. mc


    Will, you're just making your own life miserable not your scars...
  14. mc


    You're missing the picture though. What's the end product that u want to feel. Happy right? Well, we all keep thinking that if we didnt have scars that our lives would be better. Maybe that is true but if you can take that whole idea out of your mind and try to be happy without thinking that then life would be much more enjoyable and worth living.