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  1. im scared too. i just finished like a month ago. completely clear, but still worried it will come back. my doc gave me tarzoac (sp?) but i didnt start yet because im scared it will cause an IB and worsen my skin.
  2. please keep us posted. i just finished accutane but havent started tazorac yet because im scared of the IB.
  3. I ended my accutane today and I think it worked great. Minor scarring and redmarks left but overall I think my skin looks so much better tahn before. I was wondering how many have had acne come back after accutane. I am scared I will have another breakout again. Also what did you guys do after accutane to maintain clear skin?
  4. keisha, did your scars get worse after accutane? im about to finish my accutane and am now noticing rolling scars. its kinda depressing..but at least my face is clear.
  5. can you resize? the pics are too big an blurry
  6. thanks. i guess i will keep it mosturized and try not to open it too much. its really kinda gross because the crack is pretty big.
  7. i have been on accutane for about two weeks and the corner of my lip is cracked pretty bad. its annoying to open my mouth all the way. any recomendations to help it heal faster? thanks.
  8. wow....nice improvement. you should post all your pics in one log for comparison.
  9. just like the topics says. im hoping to find one that doesnt clog pores.
  10. you cleared up really nicely. how did accutane help or affect with the red marks you had before? your skin looks flawless after.
  11. plan b.

    cleanin up

    definately clearing up... that tat looks cool..whats it of?
  12. i can definately see an improvement. keep us updated.
  13. I find that after I wash my face with soap I can easily gently rub off the dead skin flakes on my face. Is this okay or should I just leave it on my face?
  14. im going to see my derm tomarrow...ill bring it up because it is something i want to know as well. ill let you know how it goes.
  15. how bad was your initial breakout compared with your pre-tane acne?
  16. has anyone went from moderate acne to horrible cystic acne? i hope i dont break out like crazy.
  17. thanks...if you order two you get free shipping. make sure to click free shipping at the end though.
  18. thanks guys.. hopefully i wont spend the whole summer inside. i have plans i would hate for stupid acne to get in the way.. it sucks when no else has acne around you and you have to deal with this BS.
  19. how long was you initial breakout for?
  20. I see my dermatologist on fri. i think he will prescribe me accutane. i wanted to know how bad is the initial breakout on accutane? is it much worse than the acne you had pre-tane? i know everyone's is different but i wanted to get a general idea.
  21. so cetaphil really turns you red? how long have you guys been using it? this kind scares me
  22. look into vbeam. theres usually a thread on the first page.
  23. damn markymark those are huge improvements! gives me inspiration to get it done. thanks for carrying this thread on your back with your progress. you're right pictures add so much more. can i ask you, what are you doing to get your skin clear so your acne doesnt come back. also what were you using pre-v beam? i ask because if i go back on BP to get clear and get v beam, im afraid once i stop i will break out again, making it pointless ot get vbeam.
  24. plan b.


    wow what an improvement. looks good. is it from accutane or jessifolation?