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  1. From the album: Doxycycline Progress

    Doxycycline ended up being ineffective for my cystic acne. My acne was cured using a combination of epidou, aczone, and birth control. There was pretty major scarring, but derm says it should fade with time and exfoliation.
  2. From the album: Doxycycline Progress

    15 days into doxy treatment. A little over 2 weeks, which is half of my prescription.
  3. Taylorlynn17

    Day 10

    From the album: Doxycycline Progress

    Day 10 of doxy. No improvement. At least to me there seems to be nothing better.
  4. From the album: Doxycycline Progress

    The picture on the left was taken 5 days ago, my first day of doxycycline treatment. The second picture was about a month ago when I began to breakout. This is the terrible progression in about one month.
  5. From the album: Doxycycline Progress

    Taken today, my 5th day of doxycycline treatment
  6. Severe Cystic Acne, First Time On Doxy

    This is my first time being prescribed doxy. I have always had a few zits here and there my whole life but nothing that I would ever describe as "problem skin". About two months ago I began to break out something fierce. Nothing helped. I keep my skin so clean, I am extremely active (I am a personal trainer), drink so much water, and have a seriously clean diet (raw vegan). I have not changed anything in my regular routine for over a year. I have no explanation for this awful outburst of cystic