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  1. Hello everyone A few people have been asking about an update, so here it comes: Six months have now passed since I stopped taking accutane. I still have some red marks, but I hope they will fade in time I will not start using anything to my face beside daily mousturizer, and sometimes I use facewash. I dont feel acne is affecting me anymore, which is great and lovely. I'm sitting here reflecting about how bad my life was back when I had acne. I felt so terrible, so lonely, so useless -
  2. I agree with you in many ways. I didn't go to school, didn't go to parties and didn't socialize! Now when I have got rid of my acne, I regret it so much... Have a nice day =)
  3. Hello Slytherin, I wish you good luck en your course. Finished my course 3½ months ago with great results. Be aware of that it might get worse the first 3-4 months (like my acne) .. and then the last months yu will clear up. What I'm saying to you is; dont lose your hope! It'll definetely be worth it in the end How are you shaving? Using razor og electric?
  4. Hello bella, When did you finish your accutane course? I finished my course like 3,5 months ago and still have red marks / scars left. Personally I will wait 6 months post- accutane before doing anything, to see how my face is like in 6 months post-accutane. So far my red marks has faded quite a lot since i stopped taking accutane. My advice would be to have patience and wait a bit. I know scars won't heal in 1 day or 1 week, but wait 4-6 months and see. If your scars has not got better my
  5. Hello everyone.. I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating my blog for like forever.. It's like 3½ months since I finished Accutane. I had a great result! I have no active acne, but still struggling with some red marks, but they are getting better! I will wait and see how I look like 6 months post - accutane, and then I might start using AHA+ from acne.org I hope you all have a great time, thanks for your attention Accutane changed my life
  6. Your skin looks absolutely perfect in my opinion. Don't even think of these red marks... =)
  7. Hello, I think your red marks are very mild. They will fade over time, so just hang in =) Scars: It's hard to say with this lightning, try to take a picture in bright daylight. But from what I can see, if you have any scars, they would be mild =) Good evening
  8. Why have u even Got prescribed accutane? 3 days? Its barely working after 3 days lol
  9. Just reapply your sunscreen every hour or so? Then you should be good..
  10. You look good.. No need to worry in my opinion
  11. The same thing happened to me. Mine was dead skin/moisturizer. What I did/do: use a cleanser and rub the skin off softly(!) and gently(!). You should also moisturize right after taking shower/washing your face.
  12. Wear A hat. Use A suncream with High SPF, and apply several times during the Day. Good luck on your course my friend
  13. Here are some pictures in the bright light today.. Hope that you can tell if i have any scarring and how much?? You have rolling scars, but they are quite shallow from what i can tell. Once the red marks clear up they might not even bother you anymore. Oh ok thank you my friend.. I hope so.
  14. Here are some pictures in the bright light today.. Hope that you can tell if i have any scarring and how much??
  15. Thanks a lot, now they just need to fade! Did you do the microdermabrasion yourself? If yes; where did you buy your kit??