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  1. wow amazing. I hope that my skin turns out as great as yours!
  2. Hey everyone! I havent posted in a long time, but I've still been on the site reading other people's logs. I got home from California really late Sunday night, I had an amazing time! I really miss my boyfriend already!! Today is Day 30: I had my derm visit today to get my perscription refilled and what do you know?? iPledge starts today! So it was such a hassle to figure out and for them to even begin to think of what to do about my perscription! I have to go back Friday to the drugstore and tr
  3. Day 21: I havent taken my pill yet, but it is day 21. So last night I went to bed a little mad at myself because I kept trying to squeeze clogged pores that werent ready to come out... and this morning I of course wake up to 2 new pimples, and then another tiny one. I popped 1 because it was a white head and I had to, and the tiny one. Ahh this sucks!! And only 2 days till I go to California to see my boyfriend I get new pimples!! It's probably also because I just ended my period yesterday and I
  4. People are rude.... Anyways, I'm on day 20 of 40mg/day of Accutane. I still do use a scrub cleanser at night, St Ives Apricot Scrub which has 2% salycilic acid. I am dry and flaky, but obviously this will happen being on accutane, and using cleansers with salycilic acid in them still. I'd rather be dry than oily though and I'm trying to prevent any initial breakout. I spot treat my new actives still while I'm on accutane, I use 5% benzoyl peroxide... you can buy them at drugstores, some have 2.5
  5. I had a huge spot on my forehead when I first started, I wrote about it in the beginning of my log, it's down now, just a red mark but I put a clay mask on it all the time to dry it out and I didnt touch it because I didnt want it to turn into something bigger! Good luck rock!!
  6. Thanks Kanmi! Day 20: Well its day 20 but I havent taken my pill yet today. Between yesterday and today I got 1 new pimple, which is right inside my nostril!! How weird! And it hurts too, cant pop it, but that's probably a good thing. I also got another pimple but that was from trying to squeeze more clogged pores I'm just gonna stop doing that, I keep causing more pimples! My skin is actually like flaking off today, it's pretty bad. I should probably be moisturizing more often but I'm scared
  7. Day 18: Well the clogged pores I attempted to squeeze out yesterday all are gone except for one, which I just squeezed out and now have a little clay mask on it so it'll heal nicely. Nothing new otherwise, everything is just red marks and scabs. I really would like to know what to do about these red marks, like if I should be putting something on them or if they'll go away themselves, but no one seems to be reading or posting in in my log. I have some dry skin mainly around my nose and mouth, a
  8. Jessie it's soo good! And so honest! I would be embarassed to write this in a newspaper where everyone at my school could see!! You truly are brave for writing this, and I'm proud of you and your experience! I hope that in the end I get clear skin like you, and I'll be able to talk about my experience then, and look back at myself and just realize that I did make a good decision that's going to stick with me for the rest of my life! I hope I can say the side effects were worth it! I'm sure peopl
  9. Well neither of my questions were answered from last night!! Maybe someone will answer them today or tomorrow! Day 17: Today my skin was a lot drier then it has been which is scary, because I thought it was already really dry before today! I was flaking in school, it was pretty bad. I came home and washed my face and my face was really really red, I dont know why... I guess it's a side effect from the Accutane maybe? And probably the fact that I'm still using wash with salycilic acid in it, wh
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments! Amber, he actually moved out to California with his family in the beginning of this summer, his dad's company moved them. But it wasn't surprising because they move to a new part of the world really every 3 years or so... he's lived in Illinois, New Jersey, Australia, Connecticut, and now California! It's pretty insane!! Jess, I'm so happy for you that you're finally clear by month 4, does it always take this long for everyone? Or is it just dependent upon the
  11. Thanks Amber! I've been reading your log too and I'm sorry about your initial breakout coming now, but I'm sure that after this clears up you'll be clear for the rest of the time! And your story with your boyfriend really reminds me of myself haha because, I too have a boyfriend that I've been with for almost 2 years now and I did have acne when we started going out but then it got better. And then when it was better he moved away all the way to California! And I'm stuck here in Connecticut with
  12. Hi again everyone! I'm going to post my daily regimen too! Morning: Dove Cleansing Cloths for Sensitive Skin CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion Day: Pure Zone Foaming Cleanser, 2% Salicylic Acid Night: St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish & Blackhead Control, 2% Salicylic Acid Almay Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover Benzaclin, 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, for spot treatment CeraVe Moisturzing Lotion
  13. Hey everyone! My name is Jackie and today is actually Day 14 of taking Accutane, 40mg/day. I've been on this site for quite some time now and I finally decided I wanted to make my own Accutane log, but I couldnt figure it out for a while haha, so TennesseeGrl helped me out! I guess I'll start out with some history just like most people do... I'm 17 years old, I have been getting pimples since I was about 13 or 14 years old, late middle school years. Then it got pretty bad my freshmen year of hi