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  1. I would definitely go for it. My acne is a lot like yours and I'm in my third week of the regimen. It definitely causes some irritation but my best advice is to find the right moisturizer and it won't be so bad. I've gone through lots of trial and error these first weeks lol. But my skin is smoothing out already and the pros are definitely outweighing the temporary cons. If you're on here wondering that means that your acne is bothering you. It's better to go through some irritation for a little
  2. I'm 2 weeks in and I haven't had itchiness, redness, or burning yet. Moisturizing burned maybe slightly and I added jojoba oil in and that stopped. I have had a lot of flakiness though. I think it's just fine to not get any negative side effects. It just means you are starting off with the right size dose. Overdoing it and causing irritation obviously will only cause more problems. Consider yourself lucky
  3. JenniferRobyn92

    Regimen Progress

    I'll be updating this album every 2 weeks with pictures of how my skin is doing using the acne.org regimen :)
  4. Thanks for posting this! The more I read about others dryness the better I feel. I just ended week one and am apprehensive about upping my dose because my skin is SO DRY and i've only been applying a fingertip of bp once a day. I keep thinking "I know it was supposed to be dry but this can't be normal!" lol but I will up my dose to twice a day starting as soon as my jojoba oil comes in the mail this week.The dryness started all around my mouth and has moved like outward toward the edges of my fa