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  1. I used Blotcha regime for about a month and everything seem to go very well. No acne for a week =D> . Then last Saturday, I went to the beach. And on Sunday, I ate alot of spicy food(i know food cause acne is a myth) and also change to a new face watch towel. On Monday morning, my face covered with like about 15 red bumps. They look like cyts but I don't think they are cyts because these red bumps are not really that big and not that hurt. It feel very itchy around these red bumps. I don't kn
  2. I got the same problem. Before, I used Sonray(i think) but then I started to use TwinLab. Then about a week later, I feel shortness of breath. It seem like not enough air comming through my nose. My heart pulse rate faster than normal and my blood pressure as well. My stomach also feel very upset most of the time. I don't know if TwinLab B5 did that to me or because I took it for a long time (about 1 month). I stopped using it for about 2 months now and it is starting to get back to normal. I ho
  3. I am currently using Blotcha regime (Salicylic & BP washes) for 2 weeks now and it seem like there are more red spots on my face then before I use it. The good thing about this regime is that the pimples form then go away faster than normal but the red, dark spots left behind from the pimples seem "NOT GO AWAY". Is this happend to everyone or just me? Are there any cure to this? Thanks Danny
  4. I have try it for almost 2 weeks and it seem to get more oily and oily everyday. I think alot of people have this problem, is there any cure or anything I should do for this situation? Thanks Danny
  5. I been on this method for 1 week now and things seem to get better than the first few days. But then it seem worst than before I started. Before I start this method, my skin was smooth and about 1 whitehead and 1 cyst but now (1 week later). No more cyst (which is good) but then more whiteheads and more red spots and my face is not smooth anymore. Anyone with this situations???? Will the roughness gone soon so face will be smooth again???? Thanks Danny
  6. I just talk to my derm. about blackheads on my nose. He told me to go home, steam my face with hot water and then use the "blackhead revomal" (the one with the hole and you press it down on your blackhead). He said that will help with the blackheads. He also recommended microdermabrasion for blackhead. Danny
  7. I 've been trying to find out what and where is Botchla's regime? Can't find the "main" thread talk about that. Can someone point it out please? Thanks Danny
  8. Zigzag, Did you use medicines or anything to help you get rid of the shortness of breath? If you remember what you did then please tell me. Thanks Danny
  9. I took Zinc, and sometimes B-Complex at that time when I take B5. But for the last 2 months, I didn't take anything.
  10. I am taking Solgar. I stopped almost 2 month ago but things seem to be the same, chest pain, dizzy and shortness of breath. Danny
  11. I have shortness of breath after 1 month of taking 10g B5. Last couple of week, I breath faster and shorter breath. I feel like there is not enough air coming into my nose. After a night sleep, in the morning, my mouth is really dry. And when I cough, or fast exhales then my chest feels really painful. I also feel really dizzy most of the time. My eyes can't seem to focus, it seem blurry. Anyone have this same problems? Please help me out. Thanks Danny
  12. Hey shiny, eggfriedrice, how are you two doing after having problem with B5? I am having the same problem as you two for the last months. My body feel weak, headache and dizziness all the times. I also feel really nervous, and hungry often. Have you find out some cures for this B5 dangerous problem? Let me know cause my doctor doesn't know either. Danny
  13. I used some Retin A Cream .1% recently on my whole face. The face get red and more blackheads appear on my nose, chin and under eyes. I still have acne, and alot of big white heads pimples are coming out on the chin and under the nose. When I wash my face in the morning, I am very careful not to touch the pimples because I don't want to disturb it. The problem is that after I wash my face, the area around my pimples are all WHITE from the Retin A cream left over from the previous night use. So w