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  1. I've read that the gel is better. There was a member on here that swore by it. She overused the taz...day and night...and claimed that it dramatically reduced her scars. Try running a search on "overusing taz" or something like that. I think her name was hunter. Anyhow, I tried it for about two weeks and it left me extremely red and sclay, so now I only use it every other night.
  2. I was worried about that as well when I was on tane. My lips were pretty bad. They actually bled from time to time. Now, 7 months later...no scarring! Stop trying to peel the skin tho, it just makes it worse...and more painful!
  3. my acne was the worst it had ever been during tane. The breakouts continued during my whole 6 month treatment, even my derm said she thought that tane wasnt working for me. In fact, i got my very first cysts during my sixth month. I was VERY discouraged. As soon as I stoped the tane, the acne went away and it hasnt come back since (its been 7 months now since Ive been off). Other than a few, veryvery small whiteheads i sometimes get (prob hormonal or sleeping w my makeup on), its been so fa
  4. I have the same problem....shimmer always makes my ice picks stand out. One day, I went on an all out hunt for a shimmer free bronzer, and the salelady at the Laura Mercier counter told me that its nearly impossible to find a shimmer-free bronzer and recommended that I try using a pressed powder in a shade meant for darker complexions, since pressed powder doesnt contain any shimmer. Well, I tried it and i *LOVE* it!! No shimmer! And I get compliments on it all the time. People always ask m
  5. Im very sorry about your father. I hope you are coping reasonably well, uggghhh...I never know what to say about these sorts of things other than Im sorry, and I feel your pain, I too lost my father when I was younger... puts many things in perspective.
  6. I might go over to him, I live in chicago and its been hard finding anyone to do exsicions. I wish you the best of luck!! Ive heard positive feedback from people who have seen him, one is a member of this board, Kieth, I belive. Please post back....am sooo excited for you!!
  7. Hi masterK, Those pictures are pretty much what my scars look like, although not as deep. You said that you had similar scarring and had success w/ exsicions. My derm told me that icepicks clustered 2gether cant be exsiced, so to hear you say u had it done gives me some hope . Did u see a derm, or a PS?? How much did the exsicions cost? Thanks!
  8. Because they are too close 2gether, the sutures from all of the excisions would pull the skin too taught. Maybe I should get a 2nd opinion.
  9. Hi everyone, Ive been lurking on the boards for a while, not posting much....only because I have no advice to offer anyone as of yet. I have numerous icepicks on both my cheecks. A couple are deep, most of them are shallow....but bundled together so closely. Anyhow, Ive read all the TCA cross, needling, fraxel, dermabrasion, and exoderm posts (was very close to getting this done, thank god I came across this board first). Im so sick of walking around with my head down, ashamed of my face..
  10. I got a brazilian wax every 6 weeks during the 6 months i was on tane with no problems. The only thing that bothered me was that the ingrown hairs would take longer to heal. I wouldnt dare wax my face though. Try threading, it is much gentler on the skin.
  11. I had the same problem when I was on tane. I bought these cranberry tablets at walgreens (AZO is the brand). I took about two a day, three or four if I felt irritation coming on. Never had a UTI since. I loved the fact that they only had about 3 calories a tablet, compared to about 200 in a couple of glasses of juice. There are other things u can do to minimize your chances of getting a UTI, like peeing right after having sex (I now do that everytime, so maybe thats whats helped).
  12. I actually took estrostep fe for a month, then I saw my derm who pulled me off of them & switched me to yasmin because she said she didnt like her acne patients on estrostep, she said she feels yasmin or OTC were much better at reducing hormonal acne. I wasnt on it long enough to see if it helped my acne, but in that month...I had a few side effects, such as swollen breasts, nausea, etc. Ive been on yasmin for 8 months now and I LOVE IT!! No side effects whatsoever and its keeping my hor