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  1. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...amp;hl=sudocrem this has basically everything.
  2. I currently use paula's choice 2% bha and green cream level 6 at night...is using sudocrem in conjunction with these two products too much. if not, what would be a logical order of application for these three products? and if that is too much, any personal preferences? thanks, Paul.
  3. I was just wondering if it is ok to us apple cider vinegar topically, then after a bit add the paula's choice bha? thanks.
  4. I just ordered the paula's choice BHA 2% Gel. should i discontinue the use of the differin? also, when applying jojoba oil, should i put it on before or after the BHA? thanks.
  5. Can i drink acv with a fruit smoothie or is it more beneficial to drink it with just water. ive been putting it in naked fruit smoothies and you cant even taste the vinegar. thanks.
  6. I have been getting bags under my eyes, i am pretty sure from applying bp too close to my eyes, how close is too close to the eyes?
  7. Does it help with shiny skin at all? i have some pretty bad combo skin.
  8. Right now i wash my face with basis, apply differin in the morning, and bp at night and then i moisturize....I want to start using a toner because my face gets red all the time...would using the toner after i applied my topical gels and before moisturizing be ok? thanks.