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  1. Welcome to Yasmin and to motherhood! Odds are your hormones are pretty out of whack right now. Many women break out post-partum because androgens (which had been suppressed throughout pregnancy and nursing due to all the estrogen) surge. It may take your hormones several months to become regular again. My suggestion is that you skip the placebo pills and take only active pills. I've been doing this for six months now, upon my gyno's suggestion. During the placebo week, hormone levels drop
  2. What dose are you on? Do you take it once a day or twice? Have you experienced any side effects? I'm on 50 mg/day, taken only once in the morning. I'm also on about 25 more mgs with Yasmin BCP, which I take at 7 pm every night. As far as side effects go, the first few days I couldn't stop peeing. haha. But my body adjusted, and I haven't had a problem with excess urination since. I've also experienced what I think may be Irritable Bowel Syndomre (IBS). I won't get into the details
  3. I just wanted to post a link to this article by NPR about skipping periods with birth control. It addresses a lot of what we've discussed here, even the concept that women menstruate more now than they used to. Definitely worth checking out. If you're interested in more articles on the subject, check out this webpage. It's an excellent resource on the topic.
  4. I've been taking only the active pills since I started Yasmin last january. I definitely could get used to never having a period. It freaks some girls out, but not me. I don't miss it one tiny bit. My hormones have also been beautifully level and consistent. My ugly PMS days are behind me. A hint: be sure and check to see if your insurance will cover the extra packs of pills in a year. A normal year of Yasmin will have 12 packs, of course, but if you skip placebos, you'll end up going thr
  5. One month for sure, but man, I'd hate to risk it. I'd wait upwards a year to be safe, but that's just me. One of my biggest fears is giving birth to a deformed baby.
  6. I got Spiro from my derm. I love my derm, because they're very aggressive against acne and are willing to prescribe almost anything. Some derms won't prescribe Spiro, and some derms will. It just depends on a derm's ideology about acne (some derms foolishly believe that treating hormones is no way to treat acne). So if you go with a derm, it may be 50/50 that you'd get Spiro. Your best bet may be an endocrinologist. They're the ones who have done the most research about androgens and their
  7. Hey labgirl! Congrats on your wedding. You have more than enough time to get beautiful skin before your wedding. I was still breaking out terribly three months before my wedding, when I began the chemical peels. I believe that anything's possible with chemical peels and steroids. Good luck with the Accutane!
  8. Hey girl. I'm on Yasmin and Spironolactone for my cystic adult acne. Spiro is the drug that drsp (drospirenone) is a variant of, drsp being a key ingredient in Yasmin. Spiro and drsp are androgen blockers. Androgens are the hormones that cause the over-production of oil. Androgens can be caused by stress, too much caffeine, illness, or simply a shift in hormones, as was my case. Its androgen-blocking effects are the reason Yasmin is the #1 prescribed BCP for acne sufferers (even more than
  9. Hey labgirl! I'm sorry you're having to go through this. If you lived near Dallas, I would suggest visiting my dermo. She's extremely liberal with Accutane. She wants to give it to me, and I haven't even gone through half of what you've gone through. I did the chemical peels. Immediately they made a difference in my skin. I got a peel every other week, every time upping the strength. My skin looked awesome for my wedding, which happened on July 1st, after about 10 chemical peels. Ob
  10. Yasmin on its own has definitely done something for my oil production, enough for me to notice that my hair and face are much less oily than they were. It may be enough for some girls, but I don't think it's enough for me. It just depends on the person. My dermo actually touched my face with her fingers yesterday to see how my oil production's doing. She said it isn't too bad, so she put me on a lower dose of 50 mg/day. She said that we may up it to 100 mg/day, but she doesn't want to do
  11. Hey gang! I'm joining the Spiro club tomorrow. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
  12. Hey lady! I'm married! Wooohooo!!! I just wanted to touch base with you. I went to the dermo today to start the ipledge program, but my derm and I decided to try spiro first and see what happens. My skin is clear right now, so if we can stay on top of it, hopefully I won't have to go on Accutane. But maybe I will. I'm prepared for the worst right now, but I know that you'll be there as an Accutane friend if I have to go through it! Thanks for your friendship. I'm glad you're doing well.
  13. I'm beginning Spiro tomorrow. It's a last-ditch effort before Accutane. I've been on Yasmin since January and have noticed a decrease in oil production since then, so hopefully Spiro will push it along. I'll be on 50 mgs a day, plus the 25 mgs that's in Yasmin (of drsp, a variant of Spiro). Good luck, everyone!
  14. ah, no. Since attractiveness is completely subjective, and limited to humans, no. It has nothing to do with evolution. Though it's off-topic, I would like to argue that attractiveness is, in fact, a result of evolution. While attractiveness is subjective, there are some basic components that are not subjective, such as symmetry. Everyone looks for the most attractive mate possible. It would then follow that the attractive people are the ones getting married the most, and therefore h
  15. I'm not a huge proponent of OTC. It made my skin worse and made me feel pretty crazy. I actually thought I had developed General Anxiety Disorder and nearly started medication for that. Then I switched to Yasmin and began feeling like myself again. And it's been helping my skin immensely. I've been spreading the Yasmin gospel all over the boards. Definitely ask your dermo or gyno about Yasmin. I was super nauseated my first few days on OTC. My gyno suggested taking the pill with dinner,