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  1. BP hasn't really worked. At times it seemed to help but it hasn't proven to be any kind of consistent help against acne for me.
  2. Hi I started taking fish oil yesterday but today I also bought some flaxseed oil capsules. Should I take both or stick with the fish oil and return the flaxseed? Obviously I don't want to make it worse... I've read flaxseed does help but if fish is all I need I guess I will stick with that.
  3. Anything? Given how popular each is, I'm surprised no one can lend a thought to a desperate person.
  4. I started a new regime today that includes exfoliating and cleansing, but I can't decide which of the above to use as the main product after cleansing? I've read a lot of good about manuka honey as a spot treatment/mask, leaving on for approx 10 mins and then washing off. I've read and heard mixed results about aloe vera but am considering using pure aloe vera gel as a spot treatment/overnight thin mask. And I've read conflicting things about using squeezed lemon juice as a topical on the fac
  5. Did you get my PM by any chance, xxnd? I'm unsure of the dosage, too.
  6. I got some Manuka +10 honey today (which 1 is damn expensive and 2 tastes like garbage)... I'm going to exfoliate later with water/gentle brush and then apply a honey mask/spot treat and then wash off with a cleanser. My question (and I know it's probably a variable) -- what kind of length of time should I leave it on for? 5 mins? 10 - 15? Thanks a lot.
  7. Was it the following by any chance? http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....ationid=1035638 I bought that today but the bristles don't seem really soft. If so, how is it working for you?
  8. Would the following product be okay (having trouble locating a baby brush in stores in UK)? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BABY-BRUSH-COMB-SET-...1QQcmdZViewItem Edit: and how do you think I may be able to incorporate the following product into this method? http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/invt/28150 I'm having trouble finding the Queen Helene product mentioned, but the above does look good.
  9. Looking to get Queen Helene products to exfoliate/cleanse with, a baby brush to exfoliate with and then Oil of Olay's products to cleanse with... can anyone recommend where I could find these, particularly the baby brush (took a quick look on Mothercare's website and nothing)? I'd be grafeful. Thanks.
  10. I've been off consistent product use for a few weeks now and yesterday decided to wash my face with "Simple soap". Today I've seen mild improvement in the areas that were already an issue (which may or may not be helped by the soap) but have had a breakout of new spots, 1 quite cysty which is unusual for me. While I can't be certain, I do put this down to the soap. Question is, is that a good or a bad thing? Is it good that they're "coming up", perhaps? Maybe it'll be bad for a while and then
  11. Hmm. I'm in UK but might try and find the Purpose liquid cleanser. Dove's okay but it just seems like it hurts more than it helps. This past weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday night) I've been away and I didn't wash with anything, or apply any BP, any night. Kind of sounds dirty but looking at my skin today it seems to be paying dividends after initially seeming like it wouldn't work. All the new spots that have formed have gone quickly and the old ones are healing well. I have Simp
  12. Recently my skin has been better the day after I do nothing the night before; that is to say that instead of my normal regime (wash, BP, etc.) I simply go to bed (for a variety of reasons; such as getting in very late). I'm interested in trying this on a more constant basis but don't feel entirely comfortable with not washing at all. I have been using Dove's bottled liquid cleanser/soap but I feel it's probably not the best thing out there. I just want something that is gentle, kind and mild
  13. I'm interested in this method. Heck, I'm willing to try anything... I'm curious as to its potential.